Touching testimony recently received from a mom about disturbances, all the way up to the hormonal level (infertility, menstrual cycle etc.), generated by the toxic products and cosmetics, among others.

Hello Jacynthe,

I thought you are probably one of the people who would be most sympathetic to our story. That's why I wanted to share this with you:

I completely changed my lifestyle following our diagnosis as an infertile couple. I threw out ALL my make-up and my products to replace them with yours and I only swear by them! I have no reservations when my daughter asks me to put powder on her little girl's cheeks. When I started following your blog, I had already started a dietary change. I continue to follow it religiously and I believe that your lifestyle is the best to ensure our health and fertility!

I managed to have children, but I will always remain vigilant when it comes to the health of my children.

We have broadcast our documentary on infertility: "Nous, une sur six" on the TV5 site lately and wish to make it available on the web in the near future.

A mom who thanks you for sharing your healthy lifestyle and in love with your products!