Jacynthes's complices

Jacynthe René Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Jacynthe René celebrates her 20-year career as an actress. The public discovered it in a first television series in 1997 and then in cinema until sharing the screen with Hollywood and French stars. She continues her roles to date while executing a series of powerful and innovative social projects. She founded an alternative primary school that opened in September 2010. She created a foundation for children's development. She is undertaking a 500,000 square foot permaculture project on the south shore of Montreal. Then, wishing to share the principles she experiences as much as education and agriculture as natural beauty and nourishing food, she launched with her partner in 2014 a web platform (jmagazine became in 2016 MaisonJacynthe) in the only purpose of spreading informations and  inspirations that can change lives. This resulted in an online store (which at the time had only 4 products) and which includes so far exceptional ranges of up to 150 natural products and vegan, with 3 axes: skin care, make-up and perfumes). Always with this intention of proposing a way of life that makes the difference, she publishes five books that become bestsellers and, since 2016, a magazine of recycled paper printed with vegetable ink. 

Then, still with her partner, she produces a documentary and, since 2017, a series of programs for the Web. An average of 250k with peaks and over 440k in observations, which is remarkable in Quebec. The company owes much of its success to the collaboration of key people, innovators and influencers, who are meeting more and more naturally around its platforms to spread other important health opportunities. Maison Jacynthe represents today a brand that is distinguished by the richness of its content that touches and improves the lives of its subscribers. The traditional media, from women's health in Spain to the New York Times in the United States, showcase the achievements of society as bloggers and influencers around the world praise the scales as much as they adopt them. A community (101k today) is growing day by day and now adopts this healthy and natural way of life proposed by Maison Jacynthe. To get closer, houses with a corner store, beauty salons and a bistro were born. Others will be added soon (including one on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal), allowing the on-site experience of all spheres of activities broadcast, the family remains at the heart of the adventure. The purchase of agricultural land to cultivate its raw materials completes perfectly the beautiful story to follow!

Jean-Charles Sommerard Perfumer, aromatherapist & creator of our perfumes and skincare line

Coming from a family of craftsmen distilling aromatic plants, his father is the instigator of the first specification of organic essential oils and creator of the first organic cosmetics in France, as well as creator of the first museum of the essential oil in France (Museum aromas). Jean-Charles helps him in various facets: the creation of organic cosmetics, the quality charter and the museum. Only nose in 100% natural, instigator, with his father distiller of essential oils by his side,  strong of this inheritance and his personal research, Jean-Charles became, over the years, perfumer of well-being. A prestigious man and a reference, such an exceptional being to discover.

He is a builder of aromas, a lover of essential oils and floral waters. He has been perpetuating the tradition and family know-how for more than 30 years. He is requested in many prestigious places in Paris. He participates in natural product shows (Marjoram, Zen Reentry, Live Nature, Primrose ...). He teaches aromatherapy and creates different events around aromatherapy (the "Soirées de l'aroma"). Its perfumes are unique, they are all 100% made of organic vegetable and essential oils selected from the world's greatest ingredients that respect the ecosystem and nature reserves.

Marco Marsolais Makeup artist and artistic director

He is the artistic director of many successful shows. In particular, he is responsible for the makeovers of participants in the popular La Voix, Occupation Double and Star Académie contests. He was trained by Trish McEvoy. Marco has made the makeup of several stars including Mitsou and Isabelle Boulay.

He met Jacynthe during a photo shoot, while she started the program Vive. From now on, he has made her makeup and her hair on every events. He is also artistic director of our make-up line, which he helped to create.


Vincent Honnart Creator of our makeup range

Vincent Honnart is the creator of our range of makeup that he has been developing since 2010. It was based on the idea that makeup could also be used as skincare. Thus, the range of makeup he offers us, is created from active vegan ingredients. His makeup is also unique in its formulation that contains an active anti-aging properties, the coffee. The minimalist aesthetic of each product is sublimated by its components: cherry wood, forests and recyclable aluminum. More than a lipstick or a mascara, the cosmetic is made a talisman and unleashes the beauty of every woman as a treasure of nature.

Danielle Denichaud Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Danielle Denichaud, Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant, considers the interaction between the environment, food (quality, preparation, combinations) and the psychological and emotional habits in order to determine the sources of imbalances that can lead to unpleasant symptoms.

She graduated from the "Canadian School of Natural Nutrition," and is a member of the "Holistic Nutrition Canadian Association of Professionals".

She also studied Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, symptomatology, herbology and nutrition psychology to offer dietary and lifestyle adjustments to harmonize your overall health goals as well as your daily actions.

She is not a doctor; she doesn’t diagnose, nor treat diseases or medical conditions. She makes recommendations that support vitality and overall health (body, heart and spirit).

Here is the difference between a nutritionist, dietitian and a holistic nutrition consultant:

In Quebec, the titles "dietitian" and "nutritionist" are reserved for members of the OPDQ (Ordre Professionel des Diététistes du Quebec). According to the Professional Code; Only dietitians and nutritionists can:

• Determine the nutritional treatment plan, when a prescription indicates that nutrition is an important factor in the treatment of the disease;

• Monitor the status of a person whose nutritional treatment plan has been determined.

Dominique Rankin Spiritual Leader

He is one of my dearest friends. Godfather to my first born. He played an important role in my son's life and in mine. His presence is comforting. When he walks into a room, we can feel his strength and sincerity. Dominique, great sage, shares his thoughts (sought around the world), an extremely precious gift to us.

Céline Arsenault Naturopath

An excellent naturopath and very popular with the public, Céline Arsenault gives conferences on family health, baby and child care. She also writes very pragmatic and accessible volumes. These are entirely designed for the general public, they offer concrete tools to facilitate the integration of new lifestyle habits in everyday life.

A mother of four grown children, a grandmother of three children and a lifelong learner of youth health, she is naturally client-oriented.

After working as a nurse from 1978 to 1987 at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Quebec City, Céline Arsenault completed her training in naturopathic higher education (EESNQ) in 1992. She was also a professor in Early Childhood Education Techniques, for the "Child Health" and "Day Care" courses at the Notre-Dame de Foy campus in the Greater Quebec City area from 2002 to 2006.

In addition to works in writing and conferences, Ms. Arsenault also receives, in consultation, people who wish to have naturopathic services.

Julie Breton Our “common sens” friend

She is a busy and curious mother, who likes to cook, makes lunches, seeks quick, economical, ingenious solutions and recovers left-overs that have a real second life. She loves the preparation of present and future meals with the combination of steps, she does not compromise on the taste, pleasure or satisfaction of eating, she likes to remember that food is above all the fuel of our super machine, that our quality of life flows from it-yes, we always deserve the best! - and yes the sophisticated and complex food is beautiful, but absolutely not necessary to good taste, for everyday. She is a fan of family cooking.

Dr Géatan Brouillard Doctor

Author of the bestseller The health redesigned, Dr. Gaétan Brouillard practiced initially as an emergency doctor (1976) then family doctor at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital.

He was also in charge of clinical teaching for 35 years while practicing medicine in a private clinic. He has expertise in the treatment of chronic pain, preventive medicine and functional medicine. He has also acquired skills in acupuncture, naturopathy, osteopathy and hypnotherapy.

In his lectures and books, he promotes a multidisciplinary approach to health, focused on the individual and not the disease. He tells us about this global and integrative medicine where the lifestyle and the environment take precedence over health.

Dr Karyne Cordeau General practitioner

She is a general practitioner, specialized in pregnancy and childbirth. A few years ago, she took a sabbatical year of medical practice to finish her certifications for teaching classical yoga and prenatal yoga (training of 3 years in total). She is passionate about the human being and convincing that each of us has the strengths needed to grow and heal.

In the world of the speed and productivity valuing, the notions of slowness, living the present moment  is little popular; however, it's essential! She praticed yoga and meditation for 15 years. For her, we are craftsmen of our health, physical, emotional and psychic.

Mélanie Gervais Educational consultant

She is a mother of 7 children and trainer / founder of Enfant Mode d'Emploi.

Michel Le Comte ND.A and naturopath, lecturer and trainer

Michel is a certified naturopathic member of the ANAQ. He has been practicing naturopathy for more than 15 years.

In addition to being an amazing trainer, he is also a natural health educator with several articles in academic journals, radio broadcasts and interviews, and numerous lectures on topics such as sleep disorders. , pain and inflammation, cardiovascular health, brain chemistry, etc.

Steve Vachon Les Serres et Aliments Bien-être et Bon Goût

He had his first contact with agriculture, with a herbal seller in a Montreal market a few years ago. After that, he started to help his grand-father to build greenhouses. He produced tomatoes, cucumbers, culinary flowers and herbs with his well-being and tasteful company. Today, he has managed to penetrate the market of nearly 20 grocery stores in the Montreal area. Our beautiful wall of shoots at Bistro Pepito Sainte-Thérèse contains micro-shoots of this company.

André Fauteux Journalist and publisher of the magazine La Maison du 21e siècle

The founder-editor and editor-in-chief, journalist André Fauteux, was a reporter for the Montreal daily The Gazette (1988) and a contributor to the daily La Presse for 15 years. 

The magazine is on newsstands at more than 2,000 Quebec retailers and distributed by the Messageries Dynamiques.

Natasha Azrak Functional Nutritionist

Natasha Azrak, nutritionist and member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec and the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is known for her passion and especially her curiosity that is demonstrated by the number and diversity of training she has followed! In the year following her graduation from McGill University, she had completed more than 20 continuing education courses, and had begun a graduate degree at the Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods from Laval University. Natasha is now the only functional nutritionist in Quebec and Canada certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine, making her the best functional nutritionist in Canada.

Georges Laraque Vegan athlete

Georges Laraque is an NHL veteran who has played for 13 years with the Edmonton Oilers, Phoenix Coyotes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens. He was nicknamed "The Rock", his main role being to be the strongman of these teams. His bestselling biography, The Power to Believe, goes far beyond the stereotype of the tough guy. This is the story of a truly humanitarian spirit, a citizen engaged not only in his immediate community, but also on the world stage. Son of Haitian immigrants, Georges Laraque campaigned for World Vision during the relief mission to Haiti and helped rebuild the Grace Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Today, Georges works in many charitable organizations, including the Mira Foundation which provides dogs for people with disabilities and Team In Training for research on blood cancers.

Animal rights advocate and spokesperson for PETA, he became vegan in 2009 and has since been contributing to the vegetarian movement in Montreal by becoming a co-owner of two raw vegan restaurants, Crudessence and Rise Kombucha, a fermented drink made from raw, organic, vegan and fair tea. A conscientious environmentalist, in July 2010, he accepted the post of deputy leader in the Green Party.

All in all, Georges Laraque is a man with deep convictions. As a devout Dalai Lama, he believes that "While we should build soft and peaceful bonds with our brothers and sisters, we should also maintain the same attitude towards the environment. "

Since retiring, Georges has been a very popular speaker. He has been invited to hundreds of events and spoken on various topics such as sports, motivation, racism, bullying, veganism, charity and politics. 

Josée-Anne Sarazin-Côté Slowpreneure and author

She is an author (and blogger, obviously), speaker / business coach and founder of the beautiful site here. She is also a Youtuber, she organizes events and she creates programs online.

Danielle et Carole Jutras Craftswomen, Le Grenier D'Ernest

The Grenier d'Ernest is a boutique for all lovers of antiques, old restored furniture, country decorations and unique objects from our Quebec past. Our craftswomen are distinguished by their deep passion for objects and antique furniture of good taste.

Marie-Ève Charron Chef and culinary stylist

Marie-Ève ​​Charron collaborated on the realization of the recipes in our books Vive La Détox Gourmande II and La Beauté for example. She creates recipes, all vegan and gluten free.

Paul Gagné Athlete coach, Gym B52

Paul Gagné is a coach of high level athletes who collaborated on our Vive Web show, as well as our book Vive La Détox Gourmande II.

Dr Andréanne Dussault Family doctor

She is a family doctor with a passion for preventive medicine, global health and nutrition. She works in the field of childhood with families and has developed expertise in youth mental health. She discovers mindfulness through yoga which consists in the vigilance of her own thoughts, actions and motivations. Her mission is to integrate nutrition to medicine for more than just pills.

David Côté Chef, Crudessence, Rise Kombucha & Jus Loop founder

David Côté is the founder of Crudessence, Rise Kombucha & Jus Loop. He has also collaborated on many of our Vive Web shows.

Thao Nguyen Chef

Thao Nguyen is a chef and contributes to the creation of recipes on our Maison Jacynthe website.

Vanesa Curuchet Ayurvedic Practitioner

The first time I saw Vanesa, I wanted to be just like her: she was relaxed, open, blossoming. I asked her what she was doing to be this way and she gave me tips that changed my life: a breathing workshop, a meeting and information that led me to new fascinating ideas.

Vanesa Curutchet is the founder of Vanesa Ayurveda, in Parc Victoria (vanesaayurveda.com). She has been an Ayurvedic practitioner since 2008. She obtained her certification at the California College of Ayurveda as a Health Educator (AHE) and Ayurvedic Therapist (ABT). She also trained at the Ayurveda Clinique here in Montreal.

Through her Ayurvedic practice and knowledge in management, Vanesa offers tools to her clients so they can improve their health, beauty and life. Her mission is to promote health and wellness, based on principles on which people can succeed both on a professional and personal level.

She believes that health and beauty come from within and from the knowledge of oneself: a process that gives us a lot of power and cultivates self-awareness. It is through this awareness that we can influence our health and our lives.