Saturated your skin with water!

We are talking about the Complexion water and Hydra teint, sublime in a complete beauty ritual for men, women & young people!

1-Cleanse with cleansing oil.

2-Hydrate with water and gel.

3-Feed with the serum.

4-Apply the Hydra teint.


How to reduce stains


1-Cleansing oil

2-Apply a lot of floral water and with a hint of cardamom honey mask, massage the skin and areas.

3-We clean with cleansing oil and gel.

4-We spray floral water, apply gel (aloe vera, radiance boost or oriental fluid).

5-Gold serum or elixir are wonderful treatments to reduce spots or rose serum.

6-Shea butter (I do my sun protection by combining it with zinc)


After cleansing the skin, exfoliate locally 3 times with Exfopur, cleanse with oil and work the spot with a drop of Claripro mixed with a drop of jojoba or cleansing oil. Then we spray floral water, apply gel and our serum.


Chocolate mask

We show you the chocolate mask (anti-aging and wonderful for pimples & redness)

1-Heat the mask while you clean & exfoliate the skin.

2-Then apply the hot mask.

Keep 10-20 min.

3-Take off with a damp washcloth.

4-Hydrate with floral water, gel (oriental, radiance boost or pure aloe).

5-Apply chocolate mousse in which you can put a few drops of serum.



No more dry and tight skin!


1-Jojoba for clean (100 ml format), rinse.

2-Apply again 2 pumps of jojoba then 3 pumps of aloe gel.

3-Check the comfort, you can repeat, if necessary, or spray floral water to make it penetrate well - If it is in the morning, add for all skin types: chocolate mousse or vanilla shea melted or tamanu mousseline if skin with pimple, or calendula, if it's a very sensitive skin.

For the body: Coco exfoliant & Chocolate mousse combined before the shower! (Be careful not to slip)

Tip: after applying your butter, add a pump of aloe vera gel!


Morning lightning warm ritual


Morning lightning warm ritual (5 minutes), for all skin types:

1-Clean with cleaning oil.

2-Hydrating cleansing with Exfopur, aloe gel, floral water and cleansing oil.

During the one-minute break, we melt the vanilla shea.

3-We rinse, we spray with floral water, we put the aloe gel back like a mask and we apply the warm vanilla shea in which we can pour a few drops of serum!


Specific homemade facial for wrinkles


1-Cleaning with cleansing oil.

2-Cleansing imbibition (cleansing oil, oriental fluid, rose water).

3-Massage for wrinkles with Exfopur and serum.

You can repeat 3 times if the skin allows it.

4-Hydration with water, oriental fluid and rose jasmine serum + Gua sha.

5-Mask: Exfopur + 4 pipettes of serum or cleansing oil or kukui and a drop of peppermint essential oil; keep 5-10 min; and remove the mask by imbibition.

6-Hydration with water, oriental fluid and finishing serum.

7-Chocolate mousse.


Chocolate, orange & honey care with a spicy scent


1-Cleaning with Coconut exfoliant body & orange water

2-Cleaning with jojoba & 1 drop Exfopro (and we clean twice with jojoba oil).

3-Honey mask and after 10 minutes, spray with floral water and emulsify (and to add to the pleasure, you can also emulsify a second time with chocolate mousse) - and cleanse with jojoba.

4-To finish: oriental fluid, gold serum and chocolate mousse.


Wearing a mask - How to calm and soothe your skin?


In the case of pimples, dry patches, redness, how to take care of your skin before and after wearing the mask:

1-Clean with jojoba oil & rinse.

(If the skin is extremely sensitive, apply floral water to the soaked skin of jojoba oil, emulsify and dry remove).

2-Powerful flash mask from 1 to 5 minutes: Hydrogel only if pimples, Hydrogel and jojoba if small irritations; aloe gel and jojoba if the skin is more irritated.

3-We wipe dry.

4-Apply butter or mousseline to protect the skin: tamanu in the case of pimples; shea or calendula or kukui for sensitive skin; chocolate mousse for all skin types.

Spray Breathe well into the mask.

Resume the ritual in the evening by adding Exfopur as a performance mask.


Evening ritual if pimples:

1-Clean with jojoba.

2-Apply Hydrogel as a mask 1 to 5 minutes and dry remove.

3-Apply Exfopur in a thin layer, wait 1 minute and scrub.

4-Cleanse with jojoba.

5-Apply either tamanu oil if the skin needs oil or Hydrogel if the skin is oily with pimples or a combination of both.


If sensitive skin:

1-Clean with jojoba oil.

2-Apply Exfopur as a thick mask.

3-To remove, gently sponge with a damp washcloth.

4-We clean with jojoba oil.

5-And we apply jojoba oil as a serum.


For hands:

1-Coco, we exfoliate.

2-We spray floral water. The grains of sugar are dissolved.

3-We wipe dry.

4-Again, spray floral water to penetrate the butters.

5-Apply cuticle oil and vanilla shea.


A stunning tensor care!

Tightening mask, aromatherapy inspired by the Queen of Hungary:

1-Cleansing oil

2-* Cleansing oil & radiance boost gel & floral water

3-Dermabrasion with Exfopur

4-We repeat the no. 2 *

5-Tightening gel in mask (3 pumps) & gua sha

6-Warm mask with a butter or mousseline

7-Cocktail contour

For the care of wrinkles, if you want to prepare yourself, you can put together the same formulas:

The oriental fluid

Vanilla shea

Peppermint essential oil

And cheesecloth.


Oriental honey

Like a Geisha skin care:

I cleanse with Coco, making sure to dissolve its sugar with my orange water.

2-5-minute mask with cardamom honey and oriental fluid combined; then I spray the floral water on this radiance mask and I rinse it off.

I spray the floral water.

I apply the oriental fluid while hydrating.

I seal with my serum.

I put a dab of chocolate mousse to protect from the cold.


Which serum to choose?

Here is the link for a free consultation with one of our beauticians. Choose "Maison Jacynthe virtuelle" and ‘’Rencontre virtuelle’’

For the steps of our beauty ritual:

Clean with cleansing oil or jojoba then rinse.

Spray floral water.

Apply the gel of our choice.

The serum of our choice (Rose-ylang-Neroli-Vetiver serum for oily skin or for the evening because it is rich in retinol; rose jasmine or neutral for the morning or for dry and dull skin; gold or myrrh elixir.

You can complete with butter, mousseline or chocolate mousse.


How to use our basic formulas


2 beauty rituals to start:


Care kit set, without essential oils (Unisex) (106.50 $)

Care kit set, flavored version (Unisex) ($ 158)

Steps of the basic ritual:

We clean with oil, we rinse & we can clean a second time by combining oil & gel, we rinse.

We spray floral water.

Apply gel.

Apply the oil to damp skin.

In the morning, you can add the mousseline or the butter.


Chocolate mousse as a sublime ritual

Here is how to use chocolate mousse in a sublime ritual:

1-We take a dab of coco exfoliant in which we spray the orange water to dissolve the sugar and then add, always in the palm of your hand, our chocolate mousse to cleanse the face: DELICIOUS! EXQUISITE ON THE SKIN, SO COMFORTABLE - ANTI-AGING - NUTRITIVE - SMOOTHING.

2-We rinse.

3-Spray orange water and apply the mousse (which can also be lightened with our aloe vera gel and orange water).

The difference between cleaning with Coco exfoliant & orange water OR with oil and Exfopur?

With Exfopur, the treatment is more purifying and oxygenating (thanks to cineoles).

With Coco, the goal is revitalization.

By combining it with the honey mask.

1-Mask with cardamom honey, orange floral water and a little chocolate mousse. Leave for 10 min.

2-Re-emulsify with floral water.

3-Apply a dab of radiance gel.

4-Mix your Serum with chocolate mousse or chocolate mousse alone.

Or in cleansing milk with jojoba, chocolate mousse and boosting gel or aloe vera, saturate it on the skin. We rinse. Apply orange or neroli floral water. Imbibe well and reapply chocolate mousse. A complete care.


Nathalie's favorite express treatment for winter mornings

1-Imbition in oils (neutral serum & jojoba or any virgin vegetable oil on hand combined with your cleanser) and without rinsing, add;

2-Exfopur, we spray floral water, we work our area then we rinse.

3-We put 2 pumps of pure Aloe gel in our kukui mousseline (or tamanu if seborrheic skin) and we apply the divine emulsion; massage and leave to penetrate for 5 minutes (ideal for Gua sha).

4-We apply the serum of our choice for points of light.


Nathalie tells about the contour cocktail and how to use our vegetable paraffin.

On the hands (& feet)

1-We wash.

2-Exfoliate (with Coco, Frutti tutti or Exfopur) & heal the nails.

3-We give the desired care.

  1. a) Oil and 3 drops of Claripro for spots (or hair balm, also for spots).
  2. b) For a repairing effect, add a butter - shea or caramel fir.

4-Apply hot paraffin either as it is, or on a cheesecloth.

5-Leave to act for 10-20 min either as is or under a glove (we put a plastic before)

We make the excess penetrate or we scrape it to put it back in the container or we keep the cheesecloth in a bag (and then, it suffices to heat it - the bag with the cotton - in hot water).


In the face:

1-We clean.

2-We purify (with Exfopur).

3-Hydrate & nourish with water, gel, serum and, if necessary, the contour cocktail.

4-We apply the hot paraffin on the cheesecloth which is on our skin. Before the wax sets, we lift!

5-Leave to act for 10-20 minutes.

6-We remove the cotton (which we keep) and either we keep, or we clean the excess.

(For steps 1-2-3, you can review the anti-aging facial here).


Winter ritual & blackheads

How to find smooth skin (erasing fine lines), luminous & so comfortable in winter? Nathalie shares with us all the explanations to know to take care of her skin, depending on the situation.

She describes the ritual with:

1-Cleanse with jojoba oil (or cleansing oil or neutral serum)

2-Spray the appropriate floral water (it mentions which one to choose),

3-Apply the aloe vera gel & the butter to seal in the hydration and deposit a protective film (good news: you can also use the Bobôme - less than $ 10 - to do so!)

For less than $ 100, in natural & sublime active.

Then we explain how to eliminate blackheads (and with the same ritual, we can also purify a skin of pimples):

-With the tamanu

-Chamomile floral water

-Aloe gel

-The Exfopro

-The Exfopur



How to soothe your skin when it has redness or when it is seborrheic. And the care of pimples, acne and eczema.


First step: soothe your skin.

In the case of redness, two choices: if you are used to active care, you can take the trio with the soothing gel and the soothing formula.


While if we start with our care (100% active, so effective and different from the traditional) we choose jojoba oil, chamomile water if you like (otherwise rose or neroli), aloe gel and vanilla shea or calendula mousseline.

For seborrheic skin: in the morning, the ritual includes cleansing oil, rose floral water (or rosemary if you have thick skin) and tamanu mousseline, while in the evening, add the Sebo gel and if you can, tamanu oil.

For eczema: the eczema formula can be used as is, on cleansed skin with jojoba oil and the activity of the eczema formula can be sealed with tamanu muslin.

For acne: proceed with the ritual for seborrheic skin and a good massage of the areas, and then apply the acne formula. We use Dermopur on pimples, before they even come out!