Stomach massages. Thank you Noémie for teaching us how to use these techniques on ourselves, or on our loved ones. I'm a big fan of this ancestral art, popular in Japan, where their mission is to constantly value their health by relying on ways to improve it (having to cure a disease is seen as a failure).

I love receiving this massage to keep my organs healthy and this time, I really enjoyed being able to help my child, who suffered from a stomach ache. 

Noémie had also shown us how to massage our children, to help them fall asleep at night, fantastic! Our Macadam and Camomile massage oil is deeply soothing, so it can also be used as a body oil, especially if your skin is dehydrated. Jocelyne's trick, is to apply it before going in the shower or bath, but be careful not to slip).

And thank you also for the peppermint trick which really helped him almost instantly - note that he is 7, before this age, using peppermint essential oil is not recommended.)