"I have
broken capillaries and rosacea. Can I add blue chamomile essential oil to my
serum? I purchased it after reading about its benefits on Jmagazine. If this
oil is appropriate for me, how many drops do I add to my serum?"

Luc’s response:

I would choose the dermo-apaisante
formula containing German chamomile (Matricaria recutita - botanical name). It
is useful in cases of rosacea. This chamomile contains azulene that gives it
its blue color. To address skin redness, I added other extraordinarily soothing
essential oils to this formula.

Apply it before the
serum, 3 nights a week. Place a fraction of a drop (not more) on the tip of
your finger and gently apply to affected areas. Because the oil activates blood
circulation you may have a brief warm sensation after application, which is a
good sign that it is working! We call this a circulatory decongestant effect. Your
skin will also carry a blue tinge for a short while. Apply the chamomile and serum
before bed.

One observation
about people who suffer from Rosacea:

There are recent
scientific studies that have established a close relationship between rosacea
and an imbalanced intestinal flora. To rebalance your intestinal flora, it may
be necessary to take probiotic supplements for several weeks. For people who
have rosacea and are constipated, be sure to use supplements that promote
intestinal transit. Also, avoid alcohol. Alcohol worsens rosacea. I have personally
met a lot of women suffering from rosacea who had one thing in common: they all
drank their 'little glass of red' daily. Rosacea can be quite complicated to

For Reactive or
Hypersensitive Skin:

In general,
hypersensitive skin reacts to chemical emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances, and
chemical preservatives found in commercial face creams. The serum contains no
chemical preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers.

Effective and
Inexpensive Tips to Reduce Large Pores:

"I have been
using the rose serum and floral water for a month. My skin is much brighter and
softer and my pores are less congested too. At least, that’s what my
esthetician told me! I am impressed!"

Rose essential oil and rose
water are astringent and are an effective treatment for large pores. The serum
will not tighten your dilated pores, however you can add essential oil of
geranium, which is astringent. Add 20 drops of geranium essential oil per
1oz/30ml of serum. This will help constrict your dilated pores. Geranium
Bourbon is the best.

Some other “home-made”

1. Apply lemon juice to
the skin (equal parts of lemon juice and water). Then, apply the serum (with added
geranium) and wear over night. Repeat 2 to 3 times a week. After three weeks,
reduce to once or twice a week. Use organic lemon if possible.

2. Make a paste with
equal parts baking soda and water, apply to face and lightly rub in order to
exfoliate the skin. After rinsing, apply the serum (with added geranium). Follow
this routine twice a week.