When you start taking care of your skin with natural products… you just have to be gentle & caring!

Here is the ritual of Florence:

(Morning and evening)

-Spray of Eau florale de Rose.
-Application of the Huile Nettoyante* and massage of the skin for 1 minute. (To liquefy the sebum and to calm the skin).
-Rinse with a wet washcloth.
-Spray again with Eau florale de Rose.
-Blend of a pump of Aloes Gel + 2 drops of Chanvre & Chrysanthème serum.

Then, 3 nights a week, Exfopur applied as a mask (not to irritate the skin) for a few minutes and plucked delicately.

Florence also uses the natural makeup of Maison Jacynthe (she likes foundation) to camouflage while not clogging the skin pores so as not to make the situation worse.

* For an adolescent, the Huile Nettoyante can be reused as a serum.