Jacynthe's recipies

The Cleopatra green juice

The Cleopatra green juice
• 6 celery sticks  
• ½ of pineapple chunks (fabulous beauty food 
for the skin, eyes, hair)
• ½ cup sunflower sprouts (food 5*) 
• 1 handful fresh cilantro 
• 1 cucumber
• 2 turmeric root (super antioxidant, enters the 
blood and cleans it, provides energy)
You will need the juice extractor (I like
the omega juicer 8004, 8006 or 8007)
It cleanses the blood, the liver and helps
the kidneys to better filter the blood.

Use the extractor and enjoy.

If you are missing some ingredients, 
you can replace by any green that you 
have on hand.
Gluten free
No added sugar
Lactose Free
Super Food