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Green juice enriched with shoots

Green juice enriched with shoots

Smooth version, for 2 people:
• 1 lemon with its peel
• 2 apples (or 2 pears, or 1 cup
of pineapple)
• 4 celery sticks
• 1 romaine lettuce
• 1 quart box of broccoli sprouts (1 handful
if you make then grow)
• 1 quart box of alfalfa sprouts (or 1 handful
if you grow them)

Thick version, for 2 people:

• 1 lemon with its peel
• 2 apples
• 4 celery sticks
• 4 leaves of kale
• 1 quart box of shoots kale
• 1 quart box of sunflower sprout  

Source: the serresbebg (Quebec Co)
A shoot is the result of a seed germi-
nation. Specifically, it’s the baby 
format of a grass plant, cereal or
vegetable.  They say a shoot, depen-
ding of variety, can contain from 20% to 600% more nutrients than the 
mature vegetable of the same variety.
This is when it reaches between 2 and 15 cm (1-6 inches) that you will
get the best taste and the highest
concentration of nutrients. In addition,
since it is grown is a biological
substratum, shoots feed thereof and 

Broccoli sprouts provide the body
fifty times more sulphurafane than 
mature broccoli.  We find as much
anti-oxidant in one ounce of germinated broccoli bean than in 1 ½ 
pd of mature broccoli.
Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phospo-
rus, Potassium, Zinc, carotene,
chlorophyll, trace element, amino acids, and antioxydant protein(35%).

Traditionally used for:
-treatment and prevention of cancer
-Allergies and asthma

-Heart disease and atherosclerosis
-immune system
-detoxification and elimination
Alfalfa sprouts:
Source de vitamins A, B, C, E et K
Phosporus, Potassium, Zinc, carotene, chlorophyll, amino acid. Trace elements, protein (35%)
           Traditionally used to fight Anemia
Sunflower sprouts:
Perfect sources of complete protein It is considered the most balanced - source of essential amino acids. Active sunflower shoots activates the immune system cells and helps building the system. Nutritional value: vitamins B1, B2, B9, A and C.
Cabbage sprouts:
Being a food with very high levels of antioxidants, it is recognized as an anti-cancer food. This plant stimulates and cleanses the body of waste and toxins and is a great energizer.
Nutritional value: vitamins A, B1, B6, C et K.
High in protein and calcium.

Gluten free
No added sugar
Lactose Free
Super Food
Green Juice