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Detoxifying matcha green tea smoothie!

Detoxifying matcha green tea smoothie!
Algea and matcha smoothie (very dark green)
For 2 people

• Make an antioxidant tea: in 1 cup of hot water,
use synergy with:
• 1 teaspoon of matcha (=70x the qty of  
antioxidant found in orange juice, 10x qty  
nutrients of green tea, 9x beta
carotene of spinach and broccoli)  
• 1 teaspoon of chlorella powder, a seaweed
recommended by my friend the triathlete Brendan
Brazier for its content in chlorophyll and omega  
• For those who likes to dare, you can add
1 spoon of germinated broccoli seed powder!  
• Pour it in the blender and add 2 bananas (frozen
preferably to use as ice; as soon as  
they turn black, I freeze the bananas and  
I pour water on it to peel then when it’s time
to prepare the smoothie
• 1 handful of frozen blueberries  
• 1 cup of spinach leaves
• 1 cup of water (or more depending of desired  
• 1 drizzle of maple syrup
You can watch me here preparing it  

Antioxidants are found everywhere:
in fruits, in fresh vegetables, green tea,
cocoa, vegetable oils, spices
(cinnamon, ginger, turmeric),  
seasonings (parsley, chive). More
vegetable and fruits are colorful, the
more they are rich in antioxidants.
Diversify our sources is essential as a
synergy is created among them for 
better assimilation. And know that the  
best assimilated is the one that the
body produces itself from food rich in
methionine (spinach, cabbage) or in
alpha-lipoic acid.

Appreciate this moment!
Most likely you will hurry to do this one
again as the beneficial effects is striking!
Gluten free
Lactose Free
Favorable combinations
Super Food