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Cold buster smoothie (supports the immune system in winter)

Cold buster smoothie (supports the immune system in winter)
In the blender:  
• 2 tablespoon of grated coconut
• 2 table spoon of chia (germinated is best)  
• 2 tablespoon hulled hemp  
• 2 tablespoon of sea buckthorn (small orange  
fruits from Quebec that contains 30x the
value of vitamin C of an orange)
• sticks of kale (now we can find organic baby
kale, easier to grind in the blender, unless
you have the famous Vita-Mix)  
• 2 small handful of spinach
• Filtered water
• 12 drops of vitamin D3
• 1 vitamin B12 (methylcolatamine)  
• 1 scoop of brown rice protein (sprout)  
• Option: parsley or arugula  
• Option: unsweetened coconut milk
This is the morning recipe of Richard
Matte, health psychologist.  His basic
version doesn’t contain sugar,(so no
fruits) as it’s been demonstrated
upon his readings, that when blood
already contains it, it’s unable to destroy 
the bacteria that are circulating, where the
qualification of Winter Smoothie.
We can modify it by adding a banana or
sweet coconut milk while spring is
around the corner.
Gluten free
No added sugar
Lactose Free
Super Food