What a lovely surprise this morning! While searching for feedback about our products, I found the following testimonials:


24 hours (September 22nd, 2015): rated our Beauty Routine Number #1 amongst their list of new organic brands to discover. Anne-Lovely liked our serum, and she fell in love with our antibacterial room sprays.

LaPresse.ca:: At the core of the mini-collection is « Le Sérum de Jacynthe », a blend of plants and essential oils that relax and hydrate the skin, giving you an instant healthy glow..."

Clin d'oeil, December 2014 edition: "The star of the line? Le Sérum de Jacynthe, a blend of omega-3, rosehip and vegetable oils. Use it liberally to deeply nourish your skin and restore its youthful glow. »

LaPresse.ca: The Celebrities of Well-Being: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, and now our very own, Jacynthe René…

Femmes en revue: November 12 2015, "The cleansing oil (one of my favourites)…these products naturally restore your skin’s health, glow and youth…I was surprised to learn that each product is made by hand aesthetic aromatherapy expert, Luc Larivée."

Le journal de Montréal (September 21, 2015), Marie-France Bournais wrote about my « well-being business… a true resource for better-being.

MissCaprice (October 18, 2015) praised my beauty essentials when she shared speaking about the serum: The serum, an anti-aging elixir that prevents aging and maintains hydration. This golden potion has conquered Miss Caprice, who uses it morning and evening. Despite its viscosity, it absorbs immediately without leaving a greasy finish and has a strong herbal aroma.

Le Magazine Loulou (September 2015) praised our serum and cleansing oil with the following introduction: For several years now, Jacynthe René has been a resource for « well-being » products in Quebec.

Le journal de Montreal speaks about our Beauty Salon in their October 7th edition: These completely natural treatments reflect their concern with creating a sensorial and natural experience that is garnering increasing success.

Le journal de Montreal (November 11, 2015): Speaking about our Home Facial Kit complete with Vanilla Shea Butter: A truly multi-purpose product…and well being remedy, it is also transformed into a masque. L’exfopro is the latest edition to the line..

Ton petit look: "After 3 weeks of use… I did not expect to see any immediate changes however, I feel that my skin is less tight in dry areas and that my redness is less intense. Furthermore, these products are 100% natural and made in Quebec..."

Journal de Montreal, March 18th, 2015: "Jacynthe René now stands as a true spokeswoman of a healthy lifestyle where every act is in harmony with nature... Her website maisonjacynthe.ca is a reference for thousands of Quebecers and many women now follow her beauty routine."

ElleM: "The cleansing oil is my absolute favourite; I almost look for excuses to remove my makeup! I love its texture, smell and easy use. Oh yes, and on top of that, it really works..."

Audrey's Antidote: "Le Sérum de Jacynthe is my favorite... no more need for creams...  There is also the cleaning and ambiant product line for the home. Wow..."

Une Porte Sur 2 Continents: "My main concern was that this serum would make my skin oily, but I was surprised at how well it asorbed. No oily residue on the skin, only a pleasant sensation of freshness and hydration. Since I have been using it I feel that my skin is well nourished, soft and that  I have a more radiant complexion. Just what we need for our long Quebec winters. I also tried to apply makeup just after this routine. No problem! The serum hydrates better than a cream, without leaving a greasy residue. It is also safe for pregnant women and can be liberally applied."

Le Cahier: "I have hyper-sensitive skin and breakout easily. The first thing that made me trust « Les Produits de Jacynthe » is that they are 100% natural. This means that they are made without petroleum, artificial fragrance or preservatives. They don’t even add water... I really enjoyed my experience. My skin is super soft and you are left with a cooling sensation immediately after use. I am curious to see the long term benefits of using this skincare line!"

Être Radieuse: "The products smell good and the instruction video is great; after one viewing its easy to remember how to use the cleansing oil and the serum. I have been following the routine everyday for about two weeks and its even helped me relax. A natural and highly effective way to pamper your skin. Amazingly, it only took a few days to notice a brighter complexion!"

Claire Médium: "After two months of use (that’s how long it took to finish my 0.5 oz serum, the smallest size), I can tell you that I no longer have any problems with skin hydration and all my small pimples (that are so annoying and impossible to ignore) gradually disappeared. My skin is always soft! It should also be noted that when I tested the serum, it was at the end of a dry winter in Quebec (March-April) which is usually when the skin dries out faster than at other times of the year..."


…and more


Chatelaine, The Stars Well Being: Oh, the clichés! Jacynthe René lives in the country with her feet well planted on the ground. For years she has followed a healthy lifestyle, and was cutting out wheat, rye and barley long before the "gluten-free" craze hit North America; she reminds us of Gwyneth Paltrow. Like Gwyneth, Jacynthe has an on-line magazine: maisonjacynthe.ca, where she posts articles and recipes. However, unlike the American celebrity, Jacynthe does everything herself: web programming, content direction, even the editing. "I want to share what I have learned over the years. I want to show people that change and detoxing is easy; I’m the living proof."

On television, you can now witness my enthusiasm for our products in the third part of the hour-long episode, « Ménage à Trois » with Luc and enchanting co-host Marie-Pier Morin. Just released in September 2014.


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