What is Phytocomplexe?

A concentrate of ultra-effective active ingredients in MJ's anti-aging products. Maison Jacynthe uses the quintessence of Mother Nature to offer us the best cellular nutrition.

The apple is a true reservoir of nutrients. Its own stem cells allow it to keep its hydration and maintain its eternal youthful appearance. Combined with lupine flower extracts, an anti-aging and firming ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of high quality collagen, and hyaluronic acid for its ability to increase the skin's moisture level and smooth out expression lines, skin is plumped, soft and luminous almost instantly!

The delicate scent of lotus flowers and sandalwood invites this treatment into a space of indescribable luxury, multi-sensory experience and stunning results.

Phytocomplexe contains hyaluronic acid. It replaces your moisturizer or gel in your ritual (step 3) and used as a precursor to high-level anti-aging care, before serum, mousseline or butter, wax.

1-Cleaning and rinsing
2-Floral water spray
3-Moisturizer (water with anti-aging)
4-Serum (lipids with anti-aging)
The hydro lipidic film is recreated.