The 4 best superfoods to regain energy & a flat stomach
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 Rediscover your power. Everything is possible. Boost your energy with superior nutrition and exceptional super foods (my 3 essentials on...
The procedure of my detox
Here is the procedure of my detox which, I repeat it is not a diet and far from me the...
Beautiful news!
Beautiful & exciting news!I took control of the production of makeup, I am now directly linked to our laboratory in...
Auberge Maison Jacynthe Eastman
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355 Principale st, Eastman, QC  J0E 1Y0 Faster than expected, here is our hostel.Like your chalet, to do you good, alone, as...
How to take care of our jewels Maison Jacynthe
Here are the guidelines:- Freshwater pearlsThe cultured pearls are gems in their own right. Caring for his freshwater pearl necklaces...
Maison Jacynthe Jewelry - Purchasing Policy
PURCHASING POLICYNo exchange or refund in shop or online.Beblue's products are backed by a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects, which...
Maison Jacynthe jewelry collection
Maison Jacynthe jewelry collection Seeing this, our symbol moves me very much. It represents for me harmony to the family and...
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How our natural, vegan and cruelty-free lines set themselves apartSKIN CAREConcentrate of vitamins, essential fatty acids and strong antioxydants. 100% active...
Our ancestral cottage ready to welcome you!
Our houses
Here’s my little ancestral cottage, all renovated and ready to welcome you as a guest!I fell in love with this...