Chaga and Reishi : King and Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom
Supplements & Superfoods
Chaga : “King” of the Mushrooms? More and more, health experts are touting the benefits of Chaga; is it really so...
Who is Joy Magazine?
Joy is a SURVIVOR. Having suffered from over 15 food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, anxiety attacks, an eating disorder and advanced...
Rosacea ( … unfortunately children have it now as well)
Research & scientific studies
According to studies, many factors contribute to the development of Rosacea. Clear links have been established between intestinal disorders, micro-organisms...
Jacynthe's Skincare is Getting Rave Reviews
Good press
What a great surprise this morning! I was surfing the Net and found these raving reviews:Daly Beauty: “Full of rosehip...
Our Beauty Salons
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Lactose and Gluten-Free Alternatives to Traditional Ingredients
Gluten-Free: A Feast Without Feeling Stuffed!How can we enjoy food, celebrate with others and indulge without remorse? My Advice? Replace some...
Parents or Peers?
Danièle Starenkyj©2015 There is an account of a group of young male elephants, who were taken from their parents in...
Electromagnetic Pollution in Our Homes
Pollution in our Homes  Photo: Mathieu Gallant (geosophiste) measuring electromagnetic pollution in Jacynthe's house!  I'm one of those people whose brain heats...
Essential Oils for your cabinet: A User's Guide
Essentials oils & Aromatherapeutic fragrances
Traditional Lavender boasts many therapeutic properties: • Calming: soothes nerves, anti-anxiety, sedative and general sleep aid - a popular choice (along...
Press Reviews: Bloggers and Journalists Love Our Skincare Products!
Good press
What a lovely surprise this morning! While searching for feedback about our products, I found the following testimonials: 24 hours (September...