Rest assured: no animal testing is done to create our products, as they are plant-based, no animals are harmed at all.

Vegetable oils, which are found in our skincare line for face and body, have been widely used by millions of people for decades and, in some cases, for centuries by indigenous peoples (Rosehip from Chile for example). The essential oils we use, rose and sandalwood being good examples, have for the most part, been used for centuries; all of these ingredients have amply demonstrated their safety over time. Tests on animals are therefore completely unnecessary. Moreover, this kind of testing costs a fortune and is mostly conducted by large cosmetic companies seeking to verify the safety of a new activating ingredient they wish to integrate in their latest cream or other skin-care product.

 Here at the Boutique, we joke that we are our own guinea pigs since we use our products months before putting them on the market. 

Unlike creams, that require the use of emulsifiers and cannot claim a high percentage of naturally potent ingredients, I like to mention that all of our ingredients are 100% natural, highly effective and have no water added.

I invite you to compare the ingredients of our face & body skincare products with what is offered elsewhere in the world! The high quality of our ingredients and array of their benefits (thanks to the activating properties of vitamins and essential fatty acids) are incomparable! Not to mention our competitive pricing. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Thanks Marï for this picture with Pépito, my love, my center.