Our perfect household trio! It is here.

Here I am here in cleaning operation!

The Purifying formula is a concentrate of essential oils which is used to clean all surfaces: the floor, all the objects that we want to disinfect.

It is an antiseptic that is called "by contact", therefore perfect for counters.

Essential oils are very great atmospheric and contact antiseptics. It's well known, the capacities of essential oils are used to neutralize pathogenic germs in the atmosphere.

My cleaning is not complicated, I put my Purifying formula directly on a rag and I wipe my counters and I also add some in my floor washing water with a little non scent dish soap so that it mixes well. I come into his bathroom and put a few drops in the toilet bowl. In the kitchen, I don't forget to put in the dishwasher. Just a few drops, everywhere, to make it smell good and attack what is there and in the surrounding air.

If you have a natural, ecological and biodegradable spray cleaning product and you want to amplify the sanitizing effect, you can improve it by adding a few drops of this formula.

The Washing formula: I put several drops in my laundry soap which is natural unscented. The Washing formula will attack mites, among others, because it mainly has a delicate lavender fragrance, without forgetting the other oils that compose it, which also have an antiseptic effect on many bacteria that are found, for example, on clothes or a damp, damp towels in the bathroom that does not smell good.

For wet laundry, we could use the two products together (Lavage formula and Purifying formula) because the Purifying formula is more antiseptic than the lavender of the Lavage formula, so if they are dish towels, wipes, dishcloths, add the Purifying formula. The evocative smell of lavender is very well known, it is widely used in France for washing products.

So add a few drops of the Purifying formula to a bowl filled with water and a little natural dish soap and let our cleaning cloths soak in it.

The Purifier was requested by my boyfriend for sports equipment, locker rooms, gloves, shoes. Perfect for hockey gear and yoga mats! It can also be sprayed on towels in the bathroom and on the bed.

It should not be forgotten this : when it doesn't smell good, it is because there is the presence of fungi and bacteria; they are responsible for body odors in the armpits and the feet.

The Purifier has the advantage of being a spray and spreading well. It is a very powerful contact antiseptic while being very soft and it smells very good; a beautiful sport effect.

So instead of smelling "bacteria in human sweat", we can also use it as a room fragrance. It will neutralize bacteria and fungi which can stagnate in the air and after having vaporized it, it will settle quietly on the floor and if there are bacteria or microbes which are there, so at the same time, he will eliminate them.

Yes, you can spray it everywhere, on shoes, boots, clothes and in the least accessible places. Without forgetting the carpets where the animals stand, we can also disinfect them first with the Purifying formula and then spray with the Purifier and we are sure that everything is "killed" temporarily until the next time!