Our makeup is getting rave reviews! Thank you so much for all the kind words! If you haven't done it already, check out these seriously amazing bloggers:

A Brash Attitude: ''Just wait until you see the product! It really is one of the best looking concealers that I’ve ever seen with its wood and metal casing! Stunning.''

Prairie Beauty Love: ''The texture and pigmentation of this shadow is really beautiful and I found that it applied and blended out without me really having to work at it, and wore well throughout the day (over lid primer) without any creasing and very minimal fading.''

My Lip Addiction: ''All three are very creamy – great color payoff and seriously moisturizing. What Is not to Love!''

The Blushing Introvert: ''I thought the blush color would be too dark for me, but with a light hand, it gives you a gorgeous, natural deep glow. Along with the great color, the blush also has a very nice, natural scent to it. It's subtle and not at all overpowering.''

Best Day Blogger: ''The lipstick feels so beautiful on the lips, it glides on smoothly and it feels really soft. I love the scent. It is lightly scented of goji berries and the scent doesn’t linger. It feels so natural on the lips. It is long lasting and the color is a gorgeous red/orange/brown [...] The lipstick makes my lips shine and is very hydrating. The formula is very lightweight and soothing.''

Curly Spring Blossom: ''I’m not saying this likely but this blush is possibly my ultimate favorite (to date that is)! From the moment I saw this wonderful color, I was enamored and after trying it, and I had a “aww” moment and was lost for words (ask BeardMan, THAT comes not very often..); since receiving it, it’s the only blush I wear; that says a lot, knowing I have a few dozens to choose from. Call it what you want: Holy Grail, Nirvana, A state of perfect Bliss, Valhalla (if you’re Vikings)… It’s Love all across the board...''

Abigail Lifestyle Blog: ''I was really surprised at how amazing color correcting is. I just popped on the green concealer over and redness and it was gone immediately! I didn’t even have to apply a skin colored concealer on top as it was very easy to blend.'' 

Whipped Green Girl: ''Being that I’m a huge fan of everything Jacynthe makes skincare wise (her shea butter is the BEST I’ve ever used, its been my face lotion for 2yrs now!), I seriously knew her makeup wouldn’t be anything but amazing too. Not disappointed, even exceeding my expectations (cause I’ve tried some crappy, organic makeup – oh boy…) – these products can roll & keep-up with even the best Sephora brands.''

Green By Mercy: ''WHERE do I even begin with how amazing this concealer is? [...] I do currently have a concealer that I use and love, but this Maison Jacynthe concealer has surpassed it in performance. It has the perfect consistency that works so beautifully with my skin type – it blends in like a dream and it literally looks like skin. This concealer has a drier consistency, but once blended into the skin there is no obvious visible finish. There’s no dryness, there’s no shiny finish from the creaminess of a concealer…it just literally looks like perfected skin! I’m blown away by that factor and I have no idea how they have done it.''

Mummy's Beauty Corner:''When I first saw the shade I got scared a bit by it, LOL! But my fear didn't last too long as applying it with light hand it gave me a beautiful flush to the cheeks and I'm really loving it. It also makes a stunning crease shade for the eyes. Just like the bronzer, the formula is amazing, silky soft and easy to blend out. The shade Romeo is very pigmented so you need only a touch of your brush to have enough pigment for your cheeks. I wore it for a full 10 hours and it looked as pretty at the end of the day as it was freshly applied.''

Chelsea Garay: ''It's very creamy. It's smells good too, like a slight hint of sweet. But not an artificial sweet. Something yummy! It's a very pretty color! Very Fall appropriate!''

LPage Beauty: ''I'm really impressed with this powder. It's finely milled and set all my makeup down well. The big plus for me is this wasn't drying, which I tend to find with most powders.''

Umm Baby Beauty: ''It's a deep reddish coral shade that I feel like would be fabulous on darker skin tones especially. I literally can only tap my brush into the pan to use this and it's enough to add the most beautiful flush of color to the cheeks. It's a great shade for Autumn too. This formula is silky smooth and blends out really well so I'm not left with a bold red blotch on my cheek. It also lasts really well on the skin and has a luminous matte finish.''

Kaitlyn Elisabeth Beauty: ''I am in absolute love with the eyeshadow. Again the pigmentation is crazy and the beautiful sheen of of the shadow gives it amazing depth and dimension once applied to the eyes.''

Hey Sharonoox: ''Extremely pigmented on formulation and I also noticed that it has an amazing hint of scents to it. This product stays true to its color and a little goes a long way. Just a gentle swipe on the blush is all you need to apply on both cheeks. It goes on so smoothly and soft. I’m in love!''

Makeup Your Mind: ''This is the kind of warm red shade that screams fall and winter to me and gives you that “in from the cold” cheek look. Love, love, love!''

See the World in Pink: ''I love the finish of the eyeshadows - they are satin without being shimmery!''

Makeupped: ''Lipstick 05 is a colour I'm excited about! It's a beautiful peachy colour but still quite bright and bold. I can see this colour being a go-to of mine in the spring! The colour lasted several hours and never felt dry on my lips. The creamy formula adds a nice subtle shine to the lips but doesn't bleed. I am always a bit cautious when wearing creamy lipsticks, as oftentimes they transfer onto my teeth. This wasn't a concern I had with this one!''

Up the Rollercoaster: ''I’ve tried stick concealers in the past and they’ve always been to dry to blend well or the color match isn’t good. Well, I can say I’ve found a holy grail. The Maison Jacynthe Concealer in 01 is the perfect shade match for my pale skin and is hydrating enough that I can use it on my under eyes, yet not so hydrating that it slips all over my face. Oh, and did I mention that it covers up spots like nothing I’ve ever used? Yeah, perfect. This concealer has become my new every day must-have. If I don’t use it I immediately notice and never like my makeup as much as when I do use it. It works well under powder foundation, over liquid foundation or on its own.''

Just J: '' The concealer warms up readily and spreads easily. It doesn't tug on my delicate eye skin, which was my biggest fear and oh wow, is it pigmented! A couple strokes is all I need to significantly brighten up my eye area [...] Despite its initial thickness, it doesn't feel heavy at all and it hardly caked or settled into my fine lines, which for me is saying something! '' 

iDorottka: '' Blush 02 in Juliette is the winner for me. It's the most gorgeous pale pink I've ever seen. It's the only blush I have used since I got it, as it gives me that perfect flush to my super pale complexion. I never knew I needed a blush this shade, until I got my hands on this one. I am in love. Not a day goes by that I go without it! ''

The Best of This Life: '' The blush is richly pigmented, so a little goes a long way – I was even able to use it on my eyes as a vibrant eyeshadow. The lipstick is creamy and naturally moisturizing, I found it to stay on nicely, also beautifully pigmented, and it didn’t bleed. I also liked the concealer for light-weight coverage and a natural look that blended easily into the skin.''

Chantal's Corner: I absolutely love the packaging of the lipstick! It has a metallic case with a wooden cap and it all feels really sturdy [...] The lipstick glides on really smooth and feels creamy and moisturizing on the lips. "

Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious: '' I was so pleasantly surprised with how flattering this shade was on my fair skin - and so perfect for Fall! To be honest, I tested out this shade to feature in this post and liked it so much that I wore it again the next day! That says a lot given my extensive blush stash. In addition to its beautiful shade, I was so impressed with the longevity of this blush. It still looked near-perfect after a full 12-hour day! ''

Linda, Libra, Loca: '' I highly recommend the products [...] It's a brand to look into! "

Dario Bivona:" The lipstick 06 wood rose. One word: marvelous. It is beautiful, it leaves a delicious scent on the lips and its pigments are really amazing. I can feel the benefits of using a "natural" lipstick, and you really see a difference with other brands on the market. " 

Mamzelle Boom: " I will go straight to the point: I loved the makeup even more than the skincare [...] I like the clean and minimalist packagings but still very feminine and chic! "

Style Domination: '' Ahhhh!!! The prettiest red out there! This lipstick is fabulous! A rich, bright cherry red, to say that this lipstick is highly pigmented is an understatement! Maison Jacynthe hit it out of the park with this one! I received a ton of compliments on this lipstick, and one application lasted the duration of the Christmas party I attended, despite sipping a couple of champagnes throughout the night. Unlike other organic lipsticks, this did not taste funny, change colour, or dry out. The formulation is rich and hydrating and has a pleasant, sweet scent thanks to it containing goji berry. ''

Opal Frame: '' Affogato is AMAZING. I can remember when I was 18 and going to prom, my Mom did my makeup for me. She used this gorgeous purple/grey Revlon shade on my eyes and I was absolutely in love with it. [...] Maison Jacynthe’s shade is a gorgeous charcoal grey with a slight purple undertone. If you have hazel eyes like me, or green eyes, it really makes them pop. I love to use this shade in the crease. ''

Oh My Skin: '' It’s a really nice, soft bronzer that is great for contouring [...] It blends out so easily into a defined but realistic shadow! Overall I really love the result as it makes you look instantly healthier. The results are very subtle and it lasts throughout the entire day [...] I’m so impressed with this bronzer that it is definitely going to replace my Nars Laguna and Benefit Hoola for good!! ''

Lipstick and Confetti: '' I’ve been trying a blush as well as two eye shadows and have been really impressed with the formula. All of the powders are fairly pigmented but build up easily too. They blend really well and aren’t at all patchy. ''

Fluores: '' I LOVE the eyeshadows. The formula is just right. It feels firm to touch but is soft enough to easily pick up shadow without having a ton of fallout [...] It's so easy to blend out. For a matte eyeshadow, it looks smooth on the eye [...] Cappuccino, a stunning lid color or transition shade. I would describe it as medium brown with yellow-orange undertones. Or a medium camel brown. I really recommend this one. It's a staple shade that will last you years. ''

Les Pas Sortables: " I love good mascaras, and if it's mascaras from here I say absolutely yes! This applies to the mascara and the rest of the makeup collection from Maison Jacynthe. The products are effective, ultra cute, and made here, what else can you ask for? Oh, they are available online so you do not have to travel to get them. "

Pearls and caramel: '' Incredibly pigmented and ultra-long-lasting. ''

Not Your Average Beauty Blogger: '' The green in this concealer did a wonderful job in counteracting the redness in my skin. I also really like that this concealer was creamy and was very easy to blend with my fingers. ''

I'm Not a Beauty Guru: '' This was definitely one of the highlights of the products I’ve tried. I really love the natural color it gives. I love the unique-ness of the color and I’ll definitely be continuing to use this! ''

Aurelcee: '' Eyeshadow - What I loved so much about the eyeshadow selection is that I feel like many of these colors are not offered in other brands [...] I must say I was very impressed by the eyeshadow I received, the consistency of the dark color is still very much there, but it seems to be a lot easier to manipulate how dark or how light you truly want your eyelid [...] I can’t even explain the end results, they were truly beautiful! ''

Mini Neko: '' The texture is slightly creamy when you apply it with your figer tips. The color I received is luminous and pigmented [...] The size of the eye shadow is very generous, most bang for your buck. ''

Par Josiane: '' Before using this powder, I used several colors to cover my imperfections (yellow over here, green over there). Now, everything is harmonious (even my eyes) and it is done with only 1 product. It gives you a very natural finish. ''

Beauty by Catherine: '' I love the packaging of this lipstick! It’s simple and minimal looking. [...] It’s really pigmented and it goes on smoothly. This is my first color corrector I’ve tried and I’m pretty impressed. It helps with my redness with my acne. [...] If there is one thing you could take away from this post is how amazing this eyeshadow is. SO PIGMENTED, creamy, and blends perfectly. Just wow. It’s also a beautiful shade. ''

Lipstick On The Lake: '' Being the matte lipstick lover that I am, I chose two of from this line to test. I’ve worn both of them extensively and have found the formula to be very consistent between the two shades. The formula is creamy and glides onto the lips when you apply it. There is no ‘dragging’ sensation that you may find with some matte lipsticks. The pigmentation in these lipsticks is also quite impressive. I didn’t have to go back and put a second layer on my lips as one coat gave me full pigmentation. ''

Miranda Loves: '' I appreciate the way they want to reduce the amount of packing used to produce these products. Instead of housing the products in plastic cases, they come in paper packages with a cardboard sleeve that houses the product. You then can purchase an empty big palette from their website to house your products. ''

Stash Matters: '' This item [the large compact] is well-made and quite chic looking. The mixture of the real wood base and the brushed aluminum makes it look quite modern. There is a nice weight and quality to the materials used – it really stands out against the sea of black plastic compacts I own. '' 

Swatch and Review: '' The list of ingredients is impressive and the compacts are stunning. I think a little shadow duo in a cherrywood compact would be a great little gift for someone. ''

Pretty Ruff Life: '' I’ve found my new lipstick for fall/winter! This shade is absolutely amazing – raspberry is a good description but it has a subtle metallic shift. When the weather turns cooler I like to stick to richer versions of the shades I wear in the spring/summer so this is right up my lipstick alley. The formula is creamy enough to be comfortable to wear yet dry enough not to smear all over the place, which is especially important for a vibrant shade such as this. ''

The Thirty Something Life: '' I first want to say that the packaging on this is gorgeous! It's heavy and really good quality. As for the color itself, it's in the shade 03 Garnet. It's a pink with a metallic sheen and it's long-lasting. It seriously lasted ALL day on my lips, I'm incredibly impressed with the quality. ''

Lady Jolie: '' The eye shadow is very pigmented and the application is very easy! The Terracotta is a bit more ''powdery'', but really pigmented [...] As far as the texture, it is very comfortable et non-drying, because it contains Candellila wax. There's also a touch of goji goji that gives it a yummy scent. ''

TO Beauty N' Beyond: '' Colors are amazing [Garnet & Rosewood]– love them both and want the rest of the 7 shades! Application is so smooth – goes on like a butter. Very nice pigmentation that can be build up. It’s moisturizing and feels very good on the lips. Also last a good while. ''

What Emily Said: '' I have one word for this blush [Romeo 01]: LOVE! I usually gravitate towards corals and pinks, but this darker rose color really caught my attention. It is extremely pigmented [...] A little bit goes a long way, but it's such a nice color for this time of year! ''

When i'm Older: '' I love blushes so much so I was definitely excited to give one of Maison Jacynthe’s blushes a try. I chose mine in the shade 01 Roméo because I knew I had nothing else like it. At first, I was a little scared it would be a little too dark and intense for my cheeks [...] But, if you use a very light hand and blend it in fully, it gives you that perfect flushed cheek look. So, if you have pale skin like yours truly, don’t be intimidated by this blush. It definitely can work on all skin tones! I also really wanted to give one of Maison Jacynthe’s lipsticks a try [...] It feels so luxurious, yet natural and sleek. I chose mine in the shade 08 Coral, which I was super excited about. I have been longing for a nice coral shade for the longest time. It felt like it was the only color I was missing from my lipstick collection and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. ''

Life by Math: '' All the products by Maison Jacynthe smell so good! They smell so natural! I'm in love! I'm in love! '' 

Macarons and Mischief: '' When I swirled my brush and patted my face, it felt just like second skin and my face was instantly smoothed out! The texture is buttery and it smells like a fresh bakery. It won’t cover more obvious imperfections but it creates a wonderful canvas on your face. ''

Web & Mascara: '' I loved this eyeshadow, it is light and so soft. Big thumbs up for the rechargeable compacts [...] I loved the lipstick. The color is rich, it was beautiful on my lips and unlike other brands, this one does not irritate my lips. ''

Champagne et Confetti: '' First of all, they smell so good! The essential oils bring a little je ne sais quoi that I couldn't find in my other products. They are easy to use, light and there is huge variety of shadows and lipsticks! ''

Canadian En Vogue: '' Their shea butter is an absolute must for the cold Canadian winters. Despite being infused with vanilla, it does not have an overwhelming vanilla scent and is so lush and creamy. I’ve been slathering it all over my body and my face and my skin couldn’t thank me more. I’ve also used it as a lip balm and my lips have never felt smoother. ''

Citron et Fleurs: '' Seriously (and I'm not saying this to promote the brand), if you are looking for natural makeup, it is the brand you need to get. In the past, I have tested other brands of natural makeup and was disappointed. It might be better for the environment and health but natural makeup is usually less efficient and less pigmented. But Maison Jacynthe is comparable to luxurious brands. On top of that, I love the natual scent (that is very subtle). ''

Cup of Thea: '' What can I say about the eyeliner? It literally just became my favorite! I use it everyday. It is an intense black, that you can wear at the base of your lashes or inside the eyelid. It stayed on all day, even on snowy days! It is a retractable liner, excellent since I'm allergic to sharpeners! ''

I Know all the words: '' It doesn't feel dry on skin or accentuate dryness, and is a perfect powder option for drier skin types. It gives skin a gorgeous, natural-satin finish that wears beautifully all day without disappearing completely. ''

Les Confidences de Lizzie: " I am pleasantly surprised by this brand. I never leave without their Terracotta, it has dethroned the one I used for some time. A beautiful find! "

Bulles et Botillons: '' They smell good (even the mascara !?), the quality is great and they are really nice: they are rechargeable. The compacts are made out of wood and metal, very durable (#zerowaste), and whe run out of product, we go back to the store and refill our palette. That's right up my alley! ''

Soya et Chocolat: '' I love the powder and the eye shadow. The finish is very natural and they last all day long. ''

Cosmetic Proof: '' The Rouge à Lèvres in 01 Rouge Mate is a poppy-coloured lipstick I am so in love with (cliche blogger thing to say, I know), but it is just such a stunning colour! It is mega intense and actually reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's Vice Lipsticks when it comes to how this feels on the lips. This isn't super creamy and hydrating, but slightly satin in finish. The plus side of having a not-so-creamy formulation is the longer lasting power. Though this lipstick transfers, I still have a solid colour on my lips hours after application. All of the shades look truly delicious and I would get more in a heartbeat! ''

Velours et Chocolat: '' Personally, the highlighter is a must, I can't leave the house without it. This essential item makes enhances the complexion, illuminates and refreshes your skin. '' 

Vanesbm: '' I love it , the mascara is very natural and you can tell by its scent that is natural and not chemical. The eye pencil lasted all day. The lipstick did not fade either. I will certainly repurchase this brand again. 100% natural , nothing better for my skin. ''

Blondie in Canada:'' This Terra Cotta is SICK. When you go on the website, and you read all the comments stating that the the aroma is crazy, you're thinking « yeah, yeah, we'll see ». I swear it smells even better than what I thought! ''

Bohos:'' For a little while, it's been difficult to apply makeup (sensitive skin). So I was overwhelmed with joy when I tested the concealer and didn't have a reaction. A little tip: hydrate your eye contour before you apply it. ''

Girl with Bambi Eyes:'' The first thing I noticed about this lipstick was the pigmentation and how smooth it glided on. You really don't need to apply much to get that pop of colour, the pigmentation is amazing. I don't wear matte lipstick very often as I find that my lips dry out. Although this lipstick is matte, my lips stayed hydrated which I put down to the natural ingredients. The colour also lasted really long throughout the day, even after eating and drinking. ''

Les Filles en Running: '' My favorite: the lipstick. It glides really well and it tastes like heaven! '' 

Tonya Talks Beauty: '' This lipstick formula is so lovely - it's creamy as can be and so pigmented. This colour is a true coral, leaning more pink than orange. It will be great to wear in the summer as it is super bright and fun! Also brownie points for the absolutely killer packaging, it's luxurious, stylish and eco-friendly! ''

Melrika: '' Overall, I absolutely LOVE my products from Maison Jacynthe and will definitely recommend and/or order! Even if I had heard a lot of positive reviews of the brand before trying it myself, I was still very much impressed by the quality of the products, the beautiful ideology behind the brand, and how the brand pays attention to details (remember that sweet packaging!) ''

Queen of The Girl Geeks: '' Overall I really like the coverage and color of this polish. It looks beautiful with just one coat too. '' 

Alexandra et Co: '' Maison Jacynthe once again succeeded in surprising me with the perfect compact powder [...] No powdery effects nor sudden breakouts at the end of the day. If you are looking for a new compact powder, I recommend it without hesitation. In addition to being natural and giving a beautiful finish, it is easy to apply. Another addition to my makeup kit. "

Rosy JulieBC: '' They really understand what skin needs. ''

One November Le Blog: " I am a fan, super creamy, the pigmentation is just crazy, no dry lips. The top of the top of  lipsticks will last you several hours without touch-ups. ''

Vivre Avec Moins:  " WOW! The application is much better than the one I usually use (Organic Wear by Physician Formula). It covers better and gives a natural look with a matte finish. It stays on all day and the best part is: it's natural. ''

La Mammifère: " I applied it early in the morning before going to work. I even went to a yoga session during the day, and in the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had held well all day.The application is great and you only need only 2-3 layers. This color [macchiato 11] is superb, it's like a dark khaki, perfect to make a smokey eye. " 

Caro Buvette Le Blogue: " With its natural ingredients like coffee, shea butter and Babassu, which all have a tensor and anti-aging effect, it is now one of my favorite concealer! "

Best Day Blogger: '' This is the new fluid foundation that smells so amazing and has a light coverage that feels light and natural. It feels dewy and feels very hydrating. I love wearing a light coverage foundation and really love how this feels on the skin. So comfortable and dewy. ''

Mode&Cie: '' Because natural and eco-friendly products were synonyms of low quality and poor results, I had some doubts before testing the makeup Maison Jacynthe. I must admit that my doubts went away in the blink of an eye. The products tested are of high quality and the results have nothing to envy to major brands of cosmetics. ''

Hey Sharonoox: '' I really love the scent of this perfume smell. I love floral and woody scent that works really well with my body chemistry. It’s described as sensual, delightful and languorous. I’ve been wearing this non-stop. I feel like I’m walking in the country side and breathing in some fresh and beautiful woody scents. It’s therapeutic to my mind and soul. I’m loving it! ''

A Brash Attitude: '' The Fluid Foundation comes in a glass bottle, with a pump – which is always a nice touch. A foundation should always come with either a pump or a dropper. ''

A Brash Attitude: '' Most nail polishes do not last more than three days without chipping on me, even with a top coat. The above photo is after five days, no topcoat, – with minor tip wear on most nails, and chips on two nails – so with a topcoat, it would last even longer for me! That is impressive for my nails! ''

Citron et Fleurs: " Maison Jacynthe has launched nail polishes that are perfect for summer! I had the chance to test some of them and WOW! Frankly, the colors are sublime and opaque (I applied two coats, but I could have stopped at one!) And of course, they are vegan and natural. ''

Citron et Fleurs: "A good deodorant is essential, especially in the summer. I have been intrigued by the one from Maison Jacynthe  since I had heard very good comments about it! It is made with essential oils, so the scent may seem strong at first, but it fades away quickly. It come in a spray  which is different from the classic deodorants, and which is a plus because it leaves no residues under the armpits. It also protects very well, even after a sporting activity, I did not have to reapply. "

Blush and Pearls: '' The first thing I noticed when I opened this highlighter refill is its sweet, dreamy scent. While I only have the refill for testing, the actual packaging for this highlighter is really pretty. Lune Rose is a golden pink highlighter which looks more gold when swatched but is a beautiful champagne tone when brushed onto the skin. The powder is very fine, soft and creamy to the touch. ''

GreenByMercy: '' I had difficulty choosing which polish shade to try because they are all so pretty! I settled on Amalfi finding it to be the perfect rose-y nude that didn’t look too nude. The formula is great – it doesn’t chip really easily and the color payoff is high, 2 coats will do it! ''

Elisabeth Hayes: '' This pale pink blush is really pretty. I like wearing it in the fall because it has a brightening effect on my skin which normally starts to look a bit dull this time of year. It would be a good shade to wear year-round though, in my opinion. It is a natural formula that is long lasting and quite pigmented. I also really like the packaging! ''

Pink Petals: '' I really liked everything that I tried and am really impressed with the pigmentation for all three products, especially the blush. I would definitely recommend Maison Jacynthe products if you're in the market for organic cruelty-free products, or just something new! ''

Claire Talks Beauty: '' First of all; I absolutely love the packaging of this lipstick! The metallic case with a wooden cap on top feels really study and ecological. The color is a beautiful brick red. It has a nice formula that is very creamy and pigmented. When you start applying it, it can feel more on the thick side, but once it sets on the lips, it starts to feel more comfortable and very moisturizing. It does not emphasize any fine lines and it gives a full coverage from the first swipe. It has a nice shiny finish that is not too glossy and what is great about it is that it does not bleed at all. It can also last up to 4 hours without eating a heavy meal which is quite impressing! ''

Makeup Lover Megan: '' Love how creamy this @maisonjacynthe concealer is. It looks so flawless and never creases! ''

Natalie Loves Beauty: '' I recently discovered some of @maisonjacynthe's newer products, including their fluid foundation, highlighter, nail polish and perfume. All natural, #vegan and cruelty-free, I just keep falling even more in love with this local #greenbeauty brand that has the respect of nature and wellbeing as its core values! ''

Cup of Tam: "My big favorite [...] The finish on my skin was amazing. Discreet. Looked fresh all day. Its matifying effect is perfect for my oily skin. ''

Janine Allison: '' The pressed powder has the same smooth, fine texture and pleasant scent as the blush [...] and it creates a blurred, smooth texture while feeling extremely lightweight and comfortable. ''

Mrs Q Beauty: '' The highlighter is a standout product for me and I would love to try more of the shades. It has a light golden reflect and it's very pretty on the skin. I was shocked by how much I loved it. It's great for an every day highlighter- not too intense and not too natural. ''

Chantal's Corner: '' All three colours had the same formula and were a dream to work with! They were all fully opaque with two coats, but you could get away with just one coat if you went a bit thicker. They’re all self-leveling and create no streaks or patches. And they all have a beautiful shiny finish. ''

Monagrom: '' I had been looking for a compact powder with a natural finish that wouldn't make my skin dry, since winter is right around the corner. The compact powder by Maison Jacynthe has all these qualities ! ''

Prairie Beauty Love: '' Overall, I'm kind of in love and I can't stop wearing this! The scent is 100% right up my alley, completely unique while still feeling oddly familiar, a kind of contradiction of depth and delicacy, sweetness and spice. It lasts several hours on the skin, though it does become more subtle with wear. ''

See The World In Pink: '' Fully opaque in 2 coats. I love the brush as well - wide and thin, and the polish applied beautifully! No streaking, and easy coverage. ''  

TO Beauty 'n Beyond: '' Nail polish applies smoothly and with an ease. I didn’t use base nor top coats first time using it, as I wanted to see its true performance [...]  This one lasted full two days before it chipped from two nails, which was quite impressive. With top coat it last me good 5 days, which I find amazing. Another thing I noticed, is that nail polish will dry even and quite quick. So this guy here, definitely gets all my love! Definitely would love to treat myself with other shades in this beautiful collection. ''