After-sales information Maison Jacynthe

If this product arrives defective and / or damaged when sending the order, an exchange request is possible within 10 days. For any other problem occurring after this 10-day period and before the end of the 12-month warranty, please call 450-444-7644.

We invite you to read the instruction manual carefully in order to take advantage of all these features.

Manufacturer's warranty

The products benefit from a 12-month limited warranty on manufacturing defects.

Please contact your local distributor for after-sales inquiries or product maintenance.

Proof of purchase will be required.

The warranty does NOT cover:

Damage to accessories due to frequent use / depreciation
Damage due to improper or incorrect use of the product
Damage caused by non-domestic use (ie natural disaster, commercial use)

Failure to provide proof of product & purchase damage, we reserve the right for the final decision on the free maintenance of the product provided in the period mentioned and any other conditions.