Here are all the wonderful treatments that will help you keep your skin hydrated, especially in the winter, which is sometimes difficult on your epidermis.

  • Body oil: A mixture of 5 plant-based oils with a delicious smell that can be applied anywhere on the body, and even on the tips of your hair. It will regenerate, moisturize, repair and tone... Superb dry oil, your skin is left nourished, without the "greasy oily" sensation!

  • Huile de bébé (oil): Yes for babies, but also highly recommended for sensitive, irritated skin, eczema and even for chapped lips and keratosis pilaris. Made with the most wonderful shea butter oil and soothing calendula. Contains vitamins that will leave you with a beautiful complexion.

  • Macadam & Camomile Massage oil: Created originally to massage my kids before bedtime (it is wonderfully soothing), it also makes miracles when it comes to preventing stretch marks.

  • Vanilla shea butter: My lip balm, my hand and foot cream, my "collagen masque", it is also wonderful to help nourish the tips of dry hair. It’s a must-have in every medicine cabinets.