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Offered treatments

Body and Face
Hair removal
Therapeutic facial
90 minutes for $120

Oil cleansing followed by our natural scrub. Tackles dead skin, blackheads, wrinkles, pigment spots and blood flow, all while soothing nerve endings. Also includes an oil treatment on the feet, a Shea mask, and a massage of the hands and feet. And the big finale? A sumptuous mask with an enticing scent (includes the NeuroSpa experience).

The Ultimate Rose facial
120 minutes for $175

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and regenerating. For a luminous glow and an oxygenated skin, freed of toxins. 

Therapeutic facial and oriental treatment (cupping & Gua Sha)
105 minutes for $145

Complete facial, adapted according to skin types and needs. Includes oriental care with cupping and Gua Sha. 100% natural and active (with foot bath and Neurospa experience). Each skin receives what suits it, we have natural solutions for what concerns you, a host of wonderful and powerful concoctions furnish our living room!

Express oriental treatment (cupping & Gua Sha)
30 minutes for $50

''Coup d'éclat'' treatment that includes skin cleansing, cupping and Gua Sha to finish with floral water and serum adapted according to skin types.

Hamman treatment
105 minutes for $175

Complete Ayurvedic treatment: pampering your feet to the face, passing through your arms, legs, back and neckline (includes Himalayan salt foot bath, personalized hot oil massage and body wrap). Exfoliation with two hands, regenerating gel in the face.

Anti-aging thermal treatment
120 minutes for $180

Deep facial modeling including 2 masks and facial massage: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and preventive treatment for the youngest, fully relaxing!

Facial for teenagers
60 minutes for $80
Rosemary Facial for men
90 minutes for $120
Jacynthe’s treatment
90 minutes for $155

The ultimate treatment: facial, exfoliation and massage of the arms, legs and cleavage. 

Trial, analysis and natural solutions
30 minutes for $40

Ideal for anyone who wants to discover and experiment, at a low price, our treatments and products. You get to leave with natural and active solutions for your skin problems (includes the NeuroSpa experience). 

Facial and Body Exfoliation package
150 minutes for $195
Care of great sweetness with butters
45 minutes for $75 Available in a set of 6 treatments at a cost of $ 390 (value of $ 450)
For those who want to restore their skin comfort during the season winter; this treatment is a real caress of nutrition concentrated in butters and comforting aroma of caramelized fir.
* Recommendation twice a month
Châtelain's care with apple and grape
45 minutes for $75

A real booster for the face made from grape must rich among others, polyphenols (protective effects and antioxidants) and AHA (stimulant with exfoliating effect and cleanser) while the pulp of our apples contains the malic acid  which improves the Gentle skin, tightens pores and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

After-Trip body treatment
90 minutes for $115

Light body exfoliation followed by a Vanilla Shea wrap to optimize the skin’s hydration. 

Sugar and salt natural exfoliation
60 minutes for $90

Soothes skin and brings it oxygen. Our body oil will also provide deep hydration. 

Back treatment
45 minutes for $75

Deep cleansing of the back’s little imperfections (blemishes and blackheads).

Cellulite treatment (not available at the moment)
60 minutes for $100

Surprising results: our oils unblock and split up fatty tissues, and our unique gel made with caffeine and algae tightens and contracts blood capillaries.

24K treatment (facial)
90 minutes for $225 or $235 by adding neck and neckline

Anti-aging care and for marks left by time.

24K treatment (back)
90 minutes for $235

Detoxifying treatment (blackheads, pimples ...).

Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment
75 minutes for $130

Filet of sesame oil flowing continuously on the third eye. Brings total peace of mind and body. Its effect is subtle, almost hypnotic, especially because the treatment begins and ends with a massage of the scalp, face and upper shoulders. Also included your Ayurvedic profile.

Infrared Sauna
40 minutes for $25 - 10 sessions for $200

Infrared heat is the most natural way for the body to absorb heat. The body will sweat from 3 to 6 times more than in a regular sauna. The skin will breathe better, since this heat also helps purifying it. A total relaxation for the body and mind!

75 minutes for $85

Soaking of the feet in Himalayan pink salt, exfoliation and massage of the feet and half-legs. Nail polish application, and the client gets to leave with her nail polish bottle at the end of the treatment. 

60 minutes for $65

Soaking of the hands in Himalayan pink salt, exfoliation and massage of hands and forearms.  Nail polish application, and the client gets to leave with her nail polish bottle at the end of the treatment.

Express Mani + Pedi
75 minutes for $75 (one nail polish colour).
75 minutes for $85 (two nail polish colours).

Cleaning of nails and nail polish application. The client gets to leave with her nail polish bottle at the end of the treatment.

Warm wax hair removal
For $10 to $50

Follow-up of the Naturépile which delays the hairs regrowth.

  • Half-leg
  • Thighs
  • Entire leg
  • Underarms
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian bikini
  • Entire bikini
  • Half-arm
  • Entire arm
  • Lower back
  • Entire back
  • Stomach/chest
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Eyebrows cleaning with tweezers
  • Creation of brow's line with tweezers
Free with any $75 purchase.

By appointment or if our beauty experts are free at the boutique. Free with any $75 purchase. Complete makeup session for day or night (also perfect for a camera-ready look).

45 minutes for $50

By appointment only.  Complete makeup session for day or night (also perfect for a camera-ready look).

Makeup course
90 minutes for $125

Private lesson with our makeup artists: learn how to enhance your natural beauty (everyday look or for glamourous nights). By appointment only.