Our Beauty Salon

We have created a nourishing environment where you can experience our 100% natural and rejuvenating treatments.
450-444-7644 (Monday thru Saturday)


(TAX included, descriptions below):

  • HAIR REMOVAL using honey and essential oils – Prices vary by zone (Ex.: half leg - $23)
  • BASIC SKIN ANALYSIS and TREATMENT $40 / 30 MIN (Includes a NeuroSpa experience)
  • MANICURE & PEDICURE (chemical free!) 25$ & $50 / 60 MIN

A few days ago I experienced the pleasure of my first spa treatment; I was absolutely amazed by the new combinations of essential oils (always therapeutic grade and rare) that Luc has blended especially for the salon.

We are eager to welcome you and are located just 5 minutes from Highway 30!

Below, you will find a description of the services offered by our skilled aestheticians. Our unique spa is nestled in nature (you can even see the alpacas!) and elegantly decorated with recycled items. You will receive your treatments in the privacy of a rustic cabin while relaxing in the comfort of the luxurious levitation NeuroSpa chair (which alone is worth the trip):

  • Our Popular Therapeutic Facial, 100% Natural & Revitalizing:

    Includes a foot soak and the NeuroSpa experience. A cleansing oil treatment followed by the application of a solvent will remove dead skin cells, reduce blackheads, minimize the appearance of fine lines, balance skin tone, increase blood circulation and soothe sensitive skin. Enjoy a foot masque and hand massage with Shea butter and essential oils. End your treatment with our rejuvenating masque that will make your skin glow and your senses tingle with its invigorating fragrance. Each treatment is personalized according to your skin type. We offer natural solutions to address your unique needs.

  • Hair Removal:

    Using honey, essential oils and our famous "dépilactive", a 100% natural epilation gel that slows down regrowth, renders hair fine and soft while simultaneously healing and soothing the skin (notice a difference after 3 sessions, each case may vary).

  • Basic Skin Analysis and Treatment:

    The perfect way to discover and experience our exclusive skin analysis and natural products at an affordable cost*.

  • Body Sugar Scrub:

    Exfoliation (including back and bust) with cane sugar improves circulation (red blood and lymphatic cells), brightens complexion, softens skin (Hello, sexy back!), increases skin oxygenation and promotes deep hydration with our new blends of heavenly oils.

  • Cellulite treatment:

    Effectively break down and eliminate fat cells using an oil drainage. The immediately visible results are remarkable: the initial oil application decomposes fatty tissue which is then eliminated by the lymphatic system with the help of a final oil application. The treatment finishes with a unique caffeine and seaweed based gel to strengthen and tighten blood capillaries.

  • Manicure-Pedicure:

    A chemical free manicure (45 MIN) and pedicure (60 MIN). Includes a hand & foot soak using precious essential oils. Does not include the application of nail polish.

We also offer a workshop with our head aesthetician, Jocelyn Dupont: "How to Give Yourself a Professional Facial at Home".

By appointment only. For reservations call: 450-444-7644. Open Monday - Saturday.

Walk-ins are welcome exclusively on Saturdays between 1 -4pm (during boutique hours)
We pride ourselves in knowing how to best respond to your needs. Our therapeutic grade and rare essential oils invigorate and transform your appearance, your well-being and your day.

Coming soon!

  • Spa treatments from Hammam, Oriental and Aboriginal traditions


Highway 30
Exit 62 towards Saint-Jean
Turn left on Chemin Fontarabie
1955 Chemin Fontarabie, La Prairie