Can You Eat Your
Skincare Products?

Our skin is nourished by what
we feed it. Aside from being edible, plant oils synergistic composition
produces a pure, 100% natural and highly effective serum!

In addition, some of
their naturally occurring ingredients act as preservatives as well as having
regenerative properties.

Below are our preferred
plant oils for young, healthy, and radiant skin. I’m revealing my beauty secret.
I assure you that the effectiveness of these ingredients is undisputed and
unrivaled. Nature provides us with the best solutions. I'm so confident in
their potency that I worked hard and enthusiastically to be able to share these
gems with you!

In my serum, you will
find the following oils:

Evening Primrose
and Borage
(omega 6) Fatty Acids] Since water loss is due to a deficiency in essential
fatty acids, these plant oils:

* Restore the skin’s
capacity to prevent water loss.

* Play a major role in
skin cell regeneration.

* Restore the integrity
of skin cells (keratinocytes).

* Reorganize skin cell “ceramides”
(fat molecules, of which there are 9 types)

Musk Rose (+
Omega-3, Omega-6)

* Maintains skin

* Can prevent water loss.

* Has excellent healing

* Prevents inflammatory

* Contains natural
retinol (Vitamin A), which can increase the production of collagen and elastin
(harder to produce with age), and prevents collagenase production - a skin
enzyme that forms after sun exposure and acts to reduces collagen levels.
Retinol is extracted from rosehip (Chile) in its pure form and is well-known in
the cosmetic industry and by dermatologists alike

Sea Buckthorn Oil (CO2), Very Rich in Vitamin A (15 Different

* Essential in the
formation of collagen and keratin (skin cells).

Remember, no vitamin A =
No collagen.

* Increases skin
elasticity through collagen production

* Slows down
keratinization, or skin aging (process by which living skin cells are
transformed into dead skin cells)

* Prevents the formation
of wrinkles caused by UV radiation (sun exposure increases the skin’s need for
Vitamin A).

* Regenerates skin cells.

* Plays a role in the
formation of skin enzymes.

Non-GMO Natural
Vitamin E 
(Tocopherols and

* Interrupts sebum and
lipid oxidation (antioxidant effect). You need sufficient levels of Vitamin E
in your skin to reduce the negative effects of UV radiation.

*Great healing

*Without being alarmist, I
must warn you that current research demonstrates that many beauty products are
dangerous and even damaging for our skin. Natural Vitamin E is distinguished by
its amber color. Synthetic Vitamin E (translucent) should be avoided as it
clogs the pores and therefore inhibits skin respiration. In addition, synthetic
Vitamin E is a petrochemical by-product which, when consumed as a vitamin
supplement, tends to congest the liver.

Our serum is completed
with addition of Rose (Bulgaria), Sandalwood (Mysore), and Rosemary oleoresin
(antioxidant that acts as a preservative) essential oils, rendering it suitable
for all skin types*, and safe for use day and night!

There is no need to use
any other product, with the exception of floral water (which prepares the skin
to best absorb the serum), which together with the serum creates an
invigorating skincare ritual. Once you learn that essential oils can remain in
the bloodstream, muscles and body tissues for up to three days, it is reassuring
to know that our essential oils are highly beneficial and sourced naturally.

* Although it won't
aggravate acne cases, the serum was not created to repair acne-prone skin.

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