Our founder Jacynthe warned her team: She absolutely refuses to use photoshop!

Of course, the makeup is perfect thanks to Marco, the lights do in fact flatter her skin and the photographer excels in his art... But what you see is not retouched! Her skin is naturally hydrated and toned with our rose ritual. Maison Jacynthe competes with the biggest brands in terms of results (but it beats them with its ingredients*).

Marco used:

  • The liquid foundation (#2) which brings radiance to the skin,
  • The highlighter (#1) 
  • Tracing and defining with terracotta (#1)
  • He brought emphasis to the eyes with our liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Nothing else.

* 100% natural ingredients, beneficial and active ingredients: protection and anti-aging to treat the skin while having make-up on, the sensation is sublime and comes with a (and also natural) delicate and yummy fragrance.