The perfect look for your New Year's Eve party. A glittery, healthy and glamorous look!

Here are the steps:

1-Smooth a small amount of Hydra Teint on your face.
2-Apply the foundation Fluid and blend with the foundation brush.
3-Apply the Éclat du teint (Radiance Complexion) with the foundation brush and the concealer brush for the eye area.
4-Apply HD Powder evenly over face with powder brush.
5-Sculp and warm up the face with the bronzing powder from the Sol luna palette with the powder brush.
6-Put the blush of your choice from the Joue à Joue palette on the cheekbones with the blush brush.
7-Put the illuminator of your choice from the Sol luna palette on the light points of the face (cheekbone, brow bone, tip of the nose, top of the lips and a little on the forehead).
8-Play the Vermeil eyeshadow pencil all over the eyelid.
9-Blend the eyeshadow #6 from Tape-à-l'oeil palette into the crease of the eyelid.
10-Blend the eyeshadow #4 in the outer corner of the eyelid and blend it into the crease.
11-Do a light line along the lash line with the Onyx eye pencil and blend it with the eyeliner brush.
12-Lots of mascara!
13-Do a light line with the Onyx eye pencil on the bottom lash line and blend it with the eyeliner brush that you dip lightly on the tip of the Statuesque eyeshadow pencil.
14-Contour the lips with the Barely there pencil and put the Boudoir lipstick pencil inside.
15-Put a little Iconic lip gloss over the lipstick.
16-Spray a little Eau Teint to set it all and voilà!
17-Don't forget to apply Glow on your bust, shoulders and legs!



Complete your New Year's look with a ritual for gorgeous legs!

Start with dry brushing.

Then, gently exfoliate with Coco Body Scrub and rinse.

For hydration, mix your favorite body oil with Glow!