The "fat pencils" or jumbo pencils have arrived under "lip pencils" and "eyeshadow pencils", so easy to use. 


New colors! Here is how Marco describes them: 


Lip Pencils 


6 colors: from exceptional neutrals, beige to rose. Nude collection! 


Venus is a great little pinkish for those who were used to Jacynthe color, whatever, it's really like a perfect neutral pink! 


Freckle, the lightest color, is the perfect color for porcelain complexions that have little freckles, for redheads of course, it's an exceptional and magical nude coral.


Boudoir is also a neutral color, very sexy hence the name. A beige rose, a little less coral than Freckle.


So perfect! It is perfect! If you like the lips of Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashian for example, it looks very dark, but it's really a beige but is interesting with a little gloss, it's so pretty.  A nude brown lip color with just a little kick. Beautiful!


Timeless which is also a pinkish brown with a little bit more kick in it if you like to wear a little bit darker lip and it's still very easy to wear.


Rouge flamme which is a neutral red almost like a brick red, it's not a fire red, it's a red that is very easy to wear. 


Why did you choose lipstick pencils instead of creamy lipsticks? 

Because it's easy, you're able to define your lip, its filling; comfortable, it's easy to use, it's easy to sharpen, it's easy to bring in the bag, it's a texture that's moisturizing and it's a creamy finish, it's not too shiny, it's not matte, it's really a nice in-between. For ease of use!


Eyeshadow Pencils 

3 cream pencils, as bright as you like! Beautiful! 

For those of you who like to do highlights, you will love Vermeil which is a perfect beige gold.  Beautiful on the whole eyelid, you can use it as a base and you can put your eyeshadows on it, magic! It can be used only in the corner of the eye. 

Meteor which is a crazy beige pink. You can use it on the whole eyelid. You can spread it, glide it over the eyelid and tap it with your finger or with the eyeshadow brush.

Statuesque, a perfect bronze, super bright. This color is suitable for all eyes.


The pencils are pearly. 

For oily eyelids: apply lightly, plus apply with a brush. 

For a normal or dry eyelid: no problem to simply come and apply it directly.  


They stay in place very well. You don't have to put a lot on. It's always better to put less than too much because it will be easier to put a little more, if needed. It gives the effect of a wet eyelid, it's a creamy finish so beautiful. It's super quick to apply. 

For the droopy eyelid or small eyelid, we apply at the level of the lashes and we raise it slightly with the brush on the mobile eyelid. 


The definition of makeup, by Marco:  

« To make up, it is to please oneself, to take care of us, in the same way as skin care. It's something to learn how to do, it's very relaxing to do makeup. The more you discover your face, the more you appreciate it; it's giving a little love! It can be very soothing and you don't have to think of it as a chore because it's not that at all. » 


Our sharpener is also suitable for jumbo pencils. Important to clean it well so you don't damage the pencils.

We will do live videos with you to show you how to use them, they are amazing pencils!