NEW! L'eau teint & Hydra teint

Only 100% natural, pure & active!

Vanilla, geranium, sweet orange, lavender, rosemary and sandalwood combine pleasantly for our greatest olfactory pleasure!

L’EAU TEINT - Our hydrating finishing mist for makeup (and to refresh it as needed) to use throughout the day to rehydrate our skin!

L’HYDRA TEINT - Perfect complexion perfector! It gives off a light fragrance, ideal for sensitive skin. It has a tightening effect, erases fine lines, smoothes the skin by plumping and saturating our water cells. It can replace gel and mousseline in our morning ritual, but not serum.


We do our usual routine with our favorite trio; we apply a dab of Hydra teint all over the face and we are ready for makeup application, and as a finish, we spray L'eau teint to set everything.