The best natural supports for your thyroid gland are:

  • SEAWEED: These ocean gifts are teeming with essential minerals. Kelp, in particular is incredible rich in Iodine (needed for thyroid function) and can be found dehydrated, as a supplement or in powder form. You can sprinkle it directly on your food to replace salt and the company “Lumiere de sel” blends it with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.
  • MACA: This Peruvian root is known as an adaptogenic plant, because it works with your body to help reduce the negative effects of stress and bring your system back into balance. Yellow Maca is particularly effective for the hormonal or endocrine system. Begin with 1 tsp/day for 1 week and increase each week until you are taking 1 Tbsp/day. After 1 month, stop taking it for one week and begin again to increase its potency.