Rediscover your power. Everything is possible. Boost your energy with superior nutrition and exceptional super foods (my 3 essentials on special at $ 106, free delivery). The results are ultra beneficial. Here I am this morning with my food, my "Greens", comprising organic spirulina in the first place (in 100 g we have 65 g of highly assimilable vegetable protein, top for muscle mass after exercise), then chlorella, top food ? & chelator, then all that I put in my green juice with in addition wheat grass, elderberry (wonderful antioxidant from here), micro shoots & watercress for the skin. When I am away from home, I take 3 a day (since it is difficult to find the 14 ingredients of my salad). And I love it after my training, to see a real difference.

With my duo for flat stomachs (Essential fibers & the Friend), by starting our days with smoothies & our meals with my gourmet salad, life changes.

I wish you to find your energy to realize yourself & shine ❤️


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And my secret to finding a flat stomach (does not mean slimming but rather absence of bloating ☺️ ...) : my essential fibers & the Friend. I start my day with fiber, on an empty stomach (mixed with a little apple or cherry juice). We should take 30 g per day, the average is 15 g ... and we certainly count all the cooked & processed fibers added while i bet on whole, raw & high-performance fibers from plants.

Then I continue in the morning with my yellow fruit smoothies (for the skin) & start my midday and evening meals with my gourmet salad. The best!

The Friend, we take it only occasionally, if necessary. It is very useful when you start and makes a difference.

Okay, and what does it makes when we are no longer bloated? Hello! We have all our energy (which comes from a body not obstructed), we are fine, we find our clarity of mind. Bloating comes from putrefaction or fermentation of food that is not well digested. By promoting a highly assimilable & profitable diet, we rediscover our lightness of being & our liveliness. I wish it for you.


I suggest you try for 3 weeks to experience the difference; I live like this every day forever (except for The Friend whom I only take to help me if need be, otherwise, you will see that you too will possibly no longer need it). And I sleep well and train even if I work hard 7/7.


This duo of basic superfoods is available here and my menu is here

Good life change!

And see you next Friday to collect your testimonies!