The 4 best superfoods to regain energy & a flat stomach

The 4 best superfoods to regain energy & a flat stomach


Rediscover your power. Everything is possible. Boost your energy with superior nutrition and exceptional super foods (my 3 essentials on special at $ 106, free delivery). The results are ultra beneficial. Here I am this morning with my food, my "Greens", comprising organic spirulina in the first place (in 100 g we have 65 g of highly assimilable vegetable protein, top for muscle mass after exercise and according to studies carried out in 2017 and 2020, spirulina would also have several advantages for improving weight loss, dyslipidemia and obesity (1,2)), then chlorella, top food & chelator, then all that I put in my green juice with in addition wheat grass, elderberry (wonderful local antioxidant), micro shoots & watercress for the skin. When I am away from home, I take 3 a day (since it is difficult to find the 14 ingredients of my salad). And I love it after my training, to see a real difference.

With my duo for flat stomachs (Essential fibers & the Friend), by starting our days with smoothies & our meals with my gourmet salad, life changes.

I wish you to find your energy to realize yourself & shine ❤️


All of my 3 super foods are here  also the marine collagen (flavourless or citrus) and the details of my menu here

And my secret to finding a flat stomach (does not mean slimming but rather absence of bloating ☺️ ...) : my essential fibers & the Friend. I start my day with fiber, on an empty stomach (mixed with a little apple or cherry juice). We should take 30 g per day, the average is 15 g ... and we certainly count all the cooked & processed fibers added while I bet on whole, raw & high-performance fibers from plants.

Then I continue in the morning with my yellow fruit smoothies (for the skin) & start my midday and evening meals with my gourmet salad. The best!

The Friend, we take it only occasionally, if necessary. It is very useful when you start and makes a difference.

Okay, and what does it makes when we are no longer bloated? Hello! We have all our energy (which comes from a body not obstructed), we are fine, we find our clarity of mind. Bloating comes from putrefaction or fermentation of food that is not well digested. By promoting a highly assimilable & profitable diet, we rediscover our lightness of being & our liveliness. I wish it for you.

I suggest you try for 3 weeks to experience the difference; I live like this every day forever (except for The Friend whom I only take to help me if need be, otherwise, you will see that you too will possibly no longer need it). And I sleep well and train even if I work hard 7/7.

This duo of basic superfoods is available here and the procedure of my detox right here.

To know a little bit more about marine collagen.

Good life change!

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Some testimonials:

''I started detox in early November 2019 and since 4 months I no longer need medication for type 2 diabetes. Thank you very much Jacynthe'' – France

''Good morning morning as usual drank my essentials after my smoothie after training and complement and after a coconut ritual a pure happiness I am in heaven thanks, thanks you changed my life ''- Claudy

"Yes, happiness, you will find it. You will regain your vitality, a beautiful energy . No more bloating and extreme fatigue. A new life! It’s been a year since I made this change in my life and it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself. With small changes, we arrived. Thank you Jacinthe for everything and especially your generosity" -Sylvie

"I really liked the duo . it made a big difference in my vitality . The fibers and the essential big wow. My skin and my system needed this. It had a nice effect on bloating .. and I have to admit that I like the taste ." Hina

"My testimonial is free and full of love. I have introduced this new nutrition during confinement so I will keep this memory always. So much positive with this new well-being that your products provide me day after day! It turned the global symbol of disease into a symbol of health! THANK YOU " Yzabel

"Since the challenge of November my life has changed. This way of doing it with yellow smoothie, salad, super foods has allowed me to have more energy, to feel better in my body and in my head and especially to heal my eczema which followed me since my childhood. I don’t wake up at night because of the itching!" Jacynthe

"This way of life.... so much good! It is difficult to change one’s habits at first, but by doing so and seeing all the benefits... we no longer want old habits! You feel more alive! Energy is at its best, you can get through your day and still have enough energy! ?" Marie-Ève

"As soon as I stop taking the fibers in the morning in the apple or cherry juice, as well as starting my meals with a salad, I start having transit problems again" Annie

"I am 39 years old and at 36 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Fatigue and energy loss are major obstacles that accompany this disease... For 1 year now, I have adopted the lifestyle proposed by Maison Jacynthe. Quietly, I began to regain my energy. Since I added the super foods my life has completely changed! More fatigue and overflowing energy! Now I cannot do without your products and your proposed lifestyle! I am addicted, more fit than ever and especially well in my body thank you Maison Jacynthe" Caroline

"I started using super foods religiously, essential fiber, complete, friend, yellow and green juice, smoothie for 2 months already, I also eat the super salad recommended and I feel so much better, I no longer feel like eating processed foods and stuffing myself with sugar. Everything goes, a flat stomach, more beautiful skin, more energy, good mood, I have not felt so good for a very long time, this lifestyle is made for me, I love. Thanks to Jacynthe for sharing this lifestyle with thousands of people." Nancy