You've asked about my morning ritual, so here it is:

On my nightstand: Peau de Bébé oil to moisturize my baby (when his skin is very dry), massage oil Macadam & Chamomile (good for children ) and sesame oil (not toasted) for my oil pulling ritual, which I do as soon as I wake up (it saves me time, since I do this ritual for 15 minutes).

Bedtime: I use our shea butter (plus a drop of vegetable glycerin for soft hands the next day) and end with  a patchouli fragrance.

I then clean my face with our cleansing oil (and I use a washcloth to rinse).

In the bathroom: You will find my soap and my homemade exfoliant. My boyfriend has his rosemary water, ylang-ylang serum, Peau de Bébé oil and our Vetiver deodorant (a lot of men use it as a eau de cologne, can be spray on feet also). My teenage son uses our sebo-regulator gel and dermopur. To disinfect the bathroom, I use the bathroom spray (or even our Christmas spray) and our purifying formula to clean the toilet.

Then I finish my ritual with our rose floral water water and rose serum: no need for more (I only add a drop of vegetable glycerin in the winter when my skin is really dry) to moisturize, nourish, protect and stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles (around the eyes , mouth, breast area and hands), our beauty ritual is simple, no need of more products, and is suitable to all (and super beneficial for weakened skins, going through chemo for example); my deodorant (no more bad odors thanks to the santal).

I come downstairs, prepare the lunches, finish the dishes and eventually spit out the sesame oil. I drink my lemon juice and my green smoothie (VitalKal, 100% enzymes that support digestion; my boyfriend had salmonella poisoning and was treated with activated charcoal!!) then, yoga with baby.

Here you have it! Simple, natural, active, luminous, enchanting and transforming!

Baby and I  wave goodbye to his big brothers who also leave for yoga.