My 3 revelations for wrinkles and skin elasticity and density:

1. Microdermabrasion at home with Exfopur
2. Masque Chocolat (which I love to boost nutrition with chocolate mousse - which teens love! - a 100% natural, pure, active face & body «cream» without filling ingredients, emulsifiers or artificial flavors, fragrances or preservatives)
3. Anti-wrinkle massage

My 3 secrets to redifine the oval (i.e. a toned skin, densified & elastic at the same time):

1. Posture Exercises
2. As for supplement: Collagen combined with hyaluronic acid you have the choice between the citrus flavor without sugar or without flavor.
3. Skin moisturizing with hyaluronic acid  (3 choices for a beautiful hydrated face, Sublimateur $38 to Lotus Sacré $76 to Vetiver sur fruits $72)

While Jean-Yves Dionne, pharmacist, does not believe in hyaluronic acid injections in the long term , and unlike these injections, our hyaluronic acid of plant-based origin is metabolized and "works" for us. Its job is to soften, repair and stimulate collagen regeneration. Its benefits are also cumulative (again the opposite of injections). It stimulates our own dermis by microcirculation to create a metabolism. The skin is stimulated to re-mediate new cells.
Hyaluronic acid in injections is a filler, so it stays in the skin. It is like a balloon that is inflated and deflated several times.

Lifestyle to stay young. Although this paper dates from 2007, several aspects seem very current to me. Without knowing it, I have been applying the concepts that have been raised for many years. While it mentions this: "The only known strategies aimed at preventing photo-aging include sun avoidance, using sunscreens to block or reduce skin exposure to UV radiation, using retinoids to inhibit collagen synthesis and to promote collagen production, and using anti-oxidants, particularly in combination, to reduce and neutralize free radicals." the use of retinoids to inhibit collagen synthesis and promote collagen production, and the use of antioxidants. ) , here it is:

-I feed my skin with retinoid-rich musky rose (via my Rose Serum & Après-Soleil) while feeding on carotenes.


-I have been drinking antioxidants for so long via my greens, having composed Le Complet, the best green ever, approved as a source of antioxidants while at the same time, my serums are full of vitamin E and oleoresin of rosemary, powerful antioxidants.

And obviously, when long exposed to the sun, I use as a block, the protection with zinc that will have shown the most its safety, while taking advantage of the Karité-Vanillé butter used as mask collagen type!

I also continue with the application of my Wellness & Beauty Secrets (the skin is the reflection of the intestine):

Fibres essentielles & L'ami (either my recipe for a flat stomach) I have a package offering them with the *Complet superfood also vital to me, here they are the 3 to 109.30 $ instead of 118.50 $

For the body care, dry brushing amazes me as much for the sensation provided on the moment as for the long-term effect on the impeccable appearance that this habit leaves.

Very consistent! 


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