A line of aromatic formulas to relieve fragile moods.

For diffusion

Soulagement (Relief): when the mind is inflamed with incessant thoughts, attitude and intention are diminished. The synergy diffusion formula calms and dispels dark thoughts at the first whiff. Lavender and Frankincense instantly chase away anger and Bergamot delights the good mood.


Rétablir (Restore): emotions play tricks on us, so much so that we become paralyzed...! The Rétablir formula, with Cedar, Orange and Ylang-ylang refocuses, strengthens and lightens thoughts when they are divergent.


Chill: and when this is no longer possible, Chill takes us by the hand and brings us back to letting go. Sage, Cedar, and Lavender give us this gift.


To Inhale. Now!


Rebondir (Rebound): the day is not over and the next appointment is just a little too much? The Rebounding Inhalation formula provides that little energy boost, thanks to essential oils of Ylang-Ylang, Orange, Bergamot and Lavender, to face the next step serenely.


Concentration: this boost revitalizes, in one breath, the concentration and the mental optimization. Rosemary and Peppermint bring freshness, while Bergamot and Orange enhance the good mood. Frankincense, like a guardian, repels dark thoughts and maintains peace of mind.


Relaxe: to find inner peace, between two traffic jams, just there, at hand, a breath and voilà, the Zenith returns. With its Cedar, its Incense, its Sage and its Orange, we breathe them.


Skin Scents


Easy Weezy: this skin scent on the wrists allows, when worn, such an easy way to preserve tranquility and confidence. The sweetness between Lavender, Mandarin and Frankincense accompanies us gently but surely throughout the day.


Détente (Relaxation): we open the valves and we evacuate the stress by a breath of freshness and quietude. While Peppermint evacuates the overflow, Sage takes care of bringing back the lively emotions, to relaxation. Lavender takes care of the nerves on edge.


Kick: with this fragrance, we want and receive the energy of the good days. It is Sun in a bottle that we inhale for the greatest happiness of the mind. A Kick of Mint and Orange, on a background of Ylang-ylang and Basil.


Home fragrance


Easy Weezy: to sublimate the relaxation space with this warm and soothing home fragrance. A balanced, soft blend to relax and find a serene mood.


Massage oil


Ventre (Belly): in an evening primrose oil bathes the clary sage, the Cistus ladaniferus, the Cedar of Atlas, the Lavender and the Peppermint. They are well known for their ability to help reduce symptoms related to hormonal cycles. A few drops on the lower abdomen in massage are enough to feel a relief.


Take care of our body in a harmonious way by favouring these beautiful tools to be well accompanied.


Scientific studies on the benefits of essential oils as safe and effective solutions are proving to be very interesting. Here are some of them:
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