How to hide dark circles adequately and set your makeup?

Marco: There are two types of dark circles, the blue ones (caused by circulatory issues) and the brown ones (from pigment). Therefore, we will work with a peach concealer to neutralize the color of the dark circle. As far as setting, it all depends on the texture of the skin below the eye. For some people, using a setting powder can accentuate lines. On the other hand, others must use a setting powder because their skin secretes more sebum. The best thing is to hydrate the skin really well. Therefore, start with your usual skincare routine before applying your makeup. Then, draw a "v" under the eye with the concealer stick (not a semicircle that follows the shape of the eye, or else, it will bring the attention to the dark circle). Blend with your finger to melt into the skin. It will then illuminate the eye.

How to set makeup and avoid getting creases in eyeshadow?

Use a setting powder (that will be soon added to our line). Until then, a few touches of our compact powder gets the job done. You can apply the powder last and spray some floral water to "melt" the makeup into the skin, remove any excess powder.

For creases in eyeshadow, again, it varies from person to person. In some cases, the makeup will last all day, others have to set their makeup. For those with oily skin (and for whom the natural mascaras tend to weigh down lashes), I would recommend to use a setting powder on the eyelid. It’s also possible to apply the concealer on the eyelid before applying your eyeshadow. Even with a setting product, the eyeshadow might get into the creases. There are no miracle products. It’s about making small adjustments throughout the day.

Which brushes would you use in a starting kit?

Often, people have difficulty applying makeup and it’s because they don’t have the right tools. Professionals must be equipped with good brushes. But you won’t need 1 million brushes like us!

  1. A good brush for cream, liquid or powder foundation. I like a brush with dense and short hair, it polishes the skin. Apply the foundation by drawing circles on the skin. I like synthetic hair, it washes well and it is cruelty-free.

Working with brushes will add weeks to your product longevity. It prevents from "breaking" the product with natural oil from the fingers.

  1. For dark circles, use a brush with hair dense enough to apply the product under the eye. Then, tapped the product into the skin.
  2. & 4. For the eyes, I recommend two essentials, a eyeshadow base or "cat tongue" brush. It is thicker and ideal to apply pigments across the eyelids (the shape is similar to a finger). Then, for the crease, use a brush with longer hair, to melt and blend the eyeshadow on the eyelid.

      5. Finally a powder brush for contouring, highlights and blush.