That you, women, can also use with great pleasure!

Care essentials for our men who seek immediate efficiency and love all-in-one products. If they have specific needs, they also have a completely different approach to beauty.

New complete restructuring care products which exfoliate, hydrate and whose action condenses in a single bottle an anti-aging, hydrating, healthy-looking and aftershave action.

Male skin is more oily, the sebaceous glands are more numerous and bulky. Indeed, the testosterone level in men is 10 times higher than in women; the stimulation of the sebaceous glands is therefore substantial. Since sebum is part of the composition of the surface FHL, humans benefit from better protection against external aggressions. However, the composition of sebum is different in humans. There is more squalene, comedogenic, which has irritant and inflammatory effects. The terrain will therefore be more favorable for the appearance of pimples.

Paradoxically, they also tend to have dry or even rough skin due to repeated shaving. On the other hand, man has a serious skin advantage: a dermis rich in collagen which ages later. This explains why these gentlemen adopt less anti-aging care.

Male skin is more vascular than that of women. The number and density of their blood capillaries is higher, especially on the cheekbones. However, these blood vessels are very thin and therefore fragile.

Under hormonal influence, human skin has particular characteristics, which it is imperative to take into account (oily skin, beard). Naturally more resistant and thicker, male skin also undergoes a multitude of aggressions. Subjected daily to the shaving test and to external conditions, it is irritated by alteration of the skin barrier, dries up and becomes dehydrated. However, as soon as the signs of aging become visible, deep wrinkles will appear on the face.

A homecoming, to do good and regain your energy!

On the menu

The Male Ritual is available in a simple, effective and fast treatment:

Cleansing and shaving oil
Rose floral water
Vetiver serum
Tamanu mousseline

The cleansing oil serves as a support for shaving and allows the skin to keep its hydration while benefiting from the seborrheic regulatory properties. This two in one perfect cleaning while facilitating shaving. Floral water, excellent after shaving, without alcohol, calms nerve endings and allows the epidermis to regain its hydrolipidic film, necessary for protection and respecting sensitivity. As a finishing treatment and to enhance the luminosity better: vetiver serum, with a deep, rich and sensual scent, improves circulatory comfort, nourishes the deep layers of the epidermis and supports the skin's natural defenses

For beard, hair and dry skin, tamanu mousseline is ideal and can be applied after the serum. Mix a few drops of vetiver serum and you create a Sovereign treatment.

Facial for Men, a real multi-sensory getaway, bringing the body and mind back to basics:

Jojoba oil
Soothing formula
Sebo-regulator gel
Orange floral water

On previously shaved skin (minimum 30 minutes before treatment):

Mix 1 drop of the Exfopro formula with a pipette of jojoba oil. Apply to the skin of the face and neck, massaging for 1 minute for imbibate the stratum corneum, soften the corneocytes and thin the seborrheic secretions that clog the pores and very often cause blackheads, microcysts and inflammations. Rinse and repeat a second application if necessary. Rinse and apply floral water using your hands as an after shave (by spraying, the vasoconstrictor effect closes the pores and prevents purification). By applying floral water with your hands (in ablution), it is the opposite. (We open the pores and absorption channels by saturation principle).

The sebum-regulating gel is a multifunction product that exfoliates, purifies and hydrates. As a mask, 3 minutes is enough to get rid of a dull and tired complexion, to make way for new and radiant skin. Do not rinse. Just remove the excess with a cotton washcloth.

The finishing serum seals and protects, while calming the sebaceous functions. Mix 1 drop of the soothing formula with 7 drops of jojoba oil.


Other formulas appreciated by men:

Vetiver deodorant & Exfopur

Men's perfumes Oud and Forêt or in duo

For the beard : Soyeuse silky hair oil or Passion or Napoleon

For athletes, Greens the Complet!

Respirez bien (Breath well), they love so much