Here are the beautiful pictures I was telling you about: last Friday, December 17, groundbreaking took place for our next lab. It's very exciting and quite huge. For us, it's the possibility to centralize everything under one roof. To house our own research lab. There's a lot to be said for this project. About the land, among other things, obtained two summers ago and so desired, because go find industrial green... the city of Saint-Bruno can be proud of it. I can easily imagine myself on a bike, breathing well. I would like to take this opportunity to mention their exceptional support and advice. Then Paul (second photo on the left) with whom developing a construction project (we find him at SBG ☺️) becomes exciting and who put us in touch with Patrice Gamache (1st photo) out of retirement for us! It must be said that I had run into him without knowing him at our MJ Saint-Bruno what, 7 days before? And on purpose, we called him on FaceTime under our frame in the lab's barn, like a peacock showing off its assets. Paul had told us that only one architect could design a lab in our image, so here we are.


If anyone was worried about the way we do things, nothing will change. The team will just move! By hand, we will continue. Our pride is in our ingredients. Our desire to have absolute control over all our productions will only grow. This is our ultimate mission.
We also see this as an opportunity to add great talent to our existing dream team.



And now, my emotional connection: my father, who had just left, was responsible for some very large projects in Quebec and presented one to me when I was 17. That moment has remained engraved in my memory. So I was very touched when, on December 17, I proudly wore the hat again, under the eye of my Louis who immortalized this happy moment.