No exchange or refund in shop or online.

Beblue's products are backed by a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects, which do not include loss of parts, damage associated with daily use, falling or shocks against a hard surface.

The presentation of the invoice is necessary, otherwise the repair will be treated as out of warranty. In parallel, all the elastics of our bracelets are guaranteed for life and will be replaced at no cost.

Out of warranty, we accept all forms of repairs.

The necklaces and bracelets are mounted on silk threads so that they do not damage your pearls. A knot between each pearl is needed for two overriding reasons. The first is that in case of rupture of the silk thread, you do not risk losing all the pearls composing your jewel. The second is that with a knot between each pearl they do not touch and therefore can not wear prematurely.

It is therefore best to have your necklace or bracelet folded once a year if you wear them regularly. For a certain amount, we offer you the re-thread the beads from your favorite Beblue jewelry.


Online only, if one of your products arrives defective, damaged when sending the order, an exchange request is possible within 15 days. If your jewel is damaged, contact them as soon as it is received. They will find the most suitable arrangement for the situation.

All their shipments are made by postal package in a packaging guaranteeing a perfect protection of the contents. Customs fees may apply to your expenses outside the country.

If you have questions or need assistance, they will be happy to assist you in the process. info@bebluebijoux.com Tel .: + 1 (514) 680 6620