Maison Jacynthe jewelry collection


Seeing this, our symbol moves me very much. It represents for me harmony to the family and the nature, absolute purity, authenticity, alchemy and thus success of life.


A word about our jewels


Our jewelery is entirely made in Montreal, designed with noble materials such as silk, gemstones, 925 silver, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones such as agate stone, mother-of-pearl and pearl from Tahiti.

Amber, who offered me to design this jewelry collection, realizes a dream that I did not dare to wish.


May this symbol magnified on our jewels be able to accompany you every day, inspire you to remain jealously close to your dreams and to pursue them listening only this voice which does not deceive us. May life support you magically in their realization. Let the obstacles jostle you towards them. And that you take the time to appreciate this path that is yours. And when the time comes, savor their harvest with your loved ones.


Jacynthe ❤❤❤



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