Bring a touch of whimsy to your child's room with this diffuser three-in-one interior: an aroma diffuser, a humidifier and a musical night light in an ultra-adorable design!


With interchangeable shells, easily transform it into a playful fox, a little bear or a cute rabbit when you add a soothing scent of essential oils to your child's room. Designed to encourage the imagination of your little ones, these adorable friends are the perfect bedtime companions.

The integrated mist humidifies dry skin and soothes breathing. The night light in different colors and the music incorporated into the sounds of the jungle promote a deep, natural and peaceful sleep ...

The large water tank offers a large coverage of up to 40m2 with 2 or 4 hours of operation in continuous mode, or up to 8 hours in interval mode. The diffuser has an automatic switch-off function in the event of a tipping over so that you and your child can rest peacefully.

Our essential oil diffuser offers the best of pure and natural aromatherapy for you and your family.


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