We take the time, Luc, Jocelyne and I to answer your most frequently asked questions.

How do you choose the ingredients and where do they come from?

Luc replied that the selection comes from several years of trainings, seminars, travels and meetings that he did. Luc personally met his suppliers, several are organics (some certified, others not). He also talks about organic oils, and explains that certification does not equal or guarantee quality. 

When can we say that we have acne?

When you have several recurring breakouts. Not the occasional breakout from food  or periods for example. Teenagers can use our cleansing oil, Dermopur and Sebo-regulator gel to regulate sebaceous glands.

What about rosacea?

It it linked to a deficient digestive function, many books and research confirm it: We are the reflection of what happens inside!

Jocelyne also explains that from age 30, or women going through menopause (pre-menopause), the dead skin cells stay longer on the skin, asphyxiating it. The epidermis below is therefore irritated, red, and swollen. As sebum flows less freely under this cluster of cells, pimples form, hence the importance of maintaining good skin hydration and exfoliating it occasionally.

When you tell us that you've had a rash or breakouts after using our serum, or have observed the appearance of dark spots when using Exfopro, it is simply impossible. :) The use of natural and active products only reveals what was latent. Jocelyne discussed our diet and internal factors at the origin of these problems. In 25 years, Jocelyne can count the real cases of allergic reactions on one hand. 

What is the difference between the two deodorants?

The spray contains grain alcohol (1 spray under each armpit) and the other one is in its pure state -essential oils (one drop applied on each armpit with your fingers). When shaving, it is certain that the deodorant containing alcohol will create a burning sensation. In that case, use the essential oil, even for children! It contains 150 drops so it lasts for a while!!

How important is the use of the washcloth in the daily ritual?

As the cleaning oil liquefies the sebum, make sure to remove it with a wet washcloth.

The importance of using a floral water?

The benefits (pH balance, tightening pores) that it brings to the skin are much more interesting than those brought by regular tap water (which may also contain some skin-harmful products). When people tell me that they have a very limited budget, I advise them to go with the serum and omit the floral water.

What is the best anti-aging serum?

Although they are 98% identical, our rose serum has a little more anti-wrinkle properties. Our ylang-ylang serum promotes cellular regeneration and I love the essence of neroli!

Is there an appropriate age to start using the products?

The earlier you start in your twenties, the longer your skin will stay youthful. Long term is the key.

In which cases can baking soda be used with the Exfopro?

For normal to oily skin, and those that have acne. Not recommended on sensitive skin.

Is it possible to hydrate our skin with with the shea butter only?

Although it greatly improves the elasticity of the skin, applying it every day on the face, would make it too oily and would lead to more comedones and milia. Same for coconut or sweet almond oil, the molecules are too big and could clog the pores. Our shea butter can, however, be applied every day on the body without any problem. :)

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