I am very touched because he knows where he is going, invests himself as rare to see, puts all the chances on his side without even being blown away, motivates himself as I could not & seeks the tools to surpass himself and already live at his best, now. By himself.

I then tell him that he saves precious time.

And when asked what drives him to be like this? "Because I don't see it".

It was obvious: while he was asking about what he could take to help him concentrate, to have more energy without getting nervous, to center himself, about the ingredients to bet on, and while he was preparing "paying" drinks by himself, I offered him to be the face of what he embodies.

So, he opened this door to what is very close to my heart: taking care of our teens via a new universe of care, guides, inspirations to accompany them. Thank you @1ouisss ♥️