What a great surprise this morning! I was surfing the Net and found these raving reviews:

Daly Beauty: “Full of rosehip, rose, buckthorn, sandalwood and natural vitamin E, this lovely and luxurious product improves skin tone and softens lines.”

Natalie Loves Beauty: “I think it's pretty obvious that I adore Les Soins de Jacynthe and cannot recommend them enough. You can really tell these products are made with love and this reflects in providing the skin with much needed nutrients. Not to mention you see and feel the difference, fast!”

With All My Affection: “This rose water from Bulgaria gives an instant freshness when sprayed gently on the skin. It is very soothing and hydrating – the perfect product if you want to revitalize your complexion! Plus the natural aromatic scent is lovely and very subtle.”

Ivory Avenue: “This is definitely a brand to watch for. These products are seriously good and my skin absolutely loved them.”

My Beauty Box: “This Quebec company has some luxurious, all natural skincare items that are simple yet effective. I adore the floral water and use her serum day and night to moisturize my skin.”

Let’s Talk About Green: “The bottles are gorgeous. I've seen glass bottle again and again, but these ones are very different and of amazing quality. The cleansing oil bottle is just fantastic.”

Girl With Bambi Eyes: “My skin feels so soft after using the serum and one of the things I love most about the product is that it absorbs fast.”

Prairie Beauty Love: “Honestly, this is one of my favorite serums I've ever tried [...] I'm so impressed with each of the products that I've tried and I really feel like my skin is absolutely loving them as well.”

Best Day Blogger: “I’ve been using this beautiful and luxurious Trio for a month now and I am in love with my skin again!”

My Lip Addiction: “I am always so fascinated with cleansing oils [...] if I had to pick a favorite – this would be it. I absolutely love the scent and how it cleanses gently yet thoroughly.”

Flourish XO: "This honestly is the best skin care line that I have ever found.”

I am Sandrine: "The cleansing oil is my favorite product of the line. [...] After using these three products for a week, morning and night, my face was looking fresh and glowing."

See The World in Pink: "I was really impressed by Les Soins de Jacynthe's Beauty Essential Trio - I have been using these products since receiving them and have visibly noticed a difference in my skin. My skin is smoother, softer, and less blemished after using all of these products!"

Styled Lady Forever: "A rich honey color serum. Extremely hydrating and soothing [...] Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated."

Lashes & Lipstick: "My skin feels great, soft, supple, smooth, and I feel that I have an added glow. I’ve been getting compliments on my skin everywhere I go."

Whipped Green Girl: "The face serum is one the best blends I’ve ever been given (and I’ve tried dozens…)[...] Truly my fav product of 2016 so far!"

Abigail Alice X: "The serum itself is incredibly hydrating and nourishing to the skin. After just one application my skin felt so soft after about an hour."

Whipped Green Girl: ''This is definitely some of the best quality shea butter I’ve ever crossed (and I’ve tried many!) It smells amazing, works as a high-end face lotion and naturally cleanses. Totally winning on my list of Fav Organic Finds Spring 2016 all around, this miracle jar can be used as a night/face lotion, makeup primer, skin balm, sunburn help… I could keep going!''

Style Domination:"This cleansing oil is seriously amazing. The oil is light and smells wonderful, does not feel thick and greasy at all and is highly recommended for acne-prone skin, as it contains several “active” ingredients which do not irritate already sensitive acneic skin."

Reflection of Sanity: "Surprisingly this oil also successfully removes my most stubborn LA Splash liquid lipsticks which is a huge wow factor."

Cosmetic Proof: "This has become my nighttime treat! The serum is also bright orange so it leaves a very slight tint to the skin making it look like it is glowing!"

Moosie Love: ''This rose water is so beautiful and amazing. It's a toner that tighten pores, refreshes the skin and regenerates the skin.''

The Blushing Introvert: ''The floral water was probably my favorite of the three items. It felt very refreshing and did a great job prepping my skin for the next step [...] A great way to start your morning feeling refreshed and clean.''

MrKongsMom: "I have been using these 2 products religiously for the last couple of weeks and I love them!"

Not Your Average Beauty Blogger: ''The rose water spray is my absolute favorite! I love how this feels on my skin. It refreshes and hydrates the skin without drying the skin out. I really like the spray nozzle on this product as it has a consistent spray.''

Beauty Intel: ''The floral water was my favorite from the line. The smell of the roses was lovely, and really refreshing especially in the mornings.''

Sense of Aesthetic: ''Right away, I could tell that these are pure plant scents, with none of the obnoxiousness of artificial or synthetic fragrances [...] The second thing that struck me about these products is that you don't need much: a little bit of the Cleansing Oil, a spritz or two of the Floral Water and only a drop or two of the Serum is enough to last you the entire day (or night).''

Chats with Charley: ''When the bottles arrived I was already in love. Dark, glass amber bottles (not just stylish but also designed to keep out the sunlight and preserve the oil quality) filled with a cleansing oil, a gorgeous rose facial mist and last but not least, a rose scented oil serum that is pure heaven [...] My mom has started to use this trio now too twice a day. She is addicted and says she will definitely order her own set now plus even more goodies from Jacynthe's JMAGAZINE site.''

Blush Rouge: ''I felt as if I had received something from a classy Parisian apothecary [...] this cleansing oil is seriously amazing. As soon as I opened it I was greeted with such a delicious smell. [...] I put a dropper full of the oil into the palm of my hand and began massaging it onto my skin. [...] I was tempted to leave it on my skin as it felt so good. I felt so relaxed with the combination of the scent and the massaging that I actually felt like I was getting a decadent facial in my own home.''

 Just J: ''1-2 drops is definitely sufficient to cover my face. Since using this serum, my skin definitely feels comforted, softer and more even.''

Tonya Talks Beauty: ''My favorite product of the three I have tried from this line is the Eau Florale de Rose facial mist. The mist smells like fresh roses and sprays very finely. I find that it soaks into the skin incredibly quick and leaves it feeling soothed. I reach for this not only during my skincare, but after the gym, or simply as a refresh throughout the day. If you are in the market for a new facial mist, I highly recommend this product!''

FlourishXO: ''It smells like a spa. It got a hint of vanilla [...] This is hands down my favorite brand!'' 

My Lip Addiction: ''I have sensitive skin and this does calm redness. My favourite time to use this is at night, right before bed. I have also spritzed it on my pillowcases for sweet dreams. The scent is very lulling and the packaging is pure apothecary. The dark amber bottle is really lovely and looks really pretty on my bedside table.''