1: Basic beauty ritual

Morning evening :

1- cleanse / remove make-up with cleansing oil

2- hydrate with floral water

3- seal in the hydration with the nutraceutical, protective & antioxidant rose serum

Over here to get the rose trio


2: Cleaning with the Radiance boost gel

- Cleansing in imbibition mode with radiance boost gel, cleansing oil & floral water: restores hydration to the surface layers of the skin while deep cleansing (dead cells peel off by keratolytic effect) & gently, respecting the sebaceous glands

- Purifying cleansing, exfoliating scrub and therefore radiance & anti-aging with exfoliate, floral water & oil


3: Wrinkle massage & firming

Treat yourself as often as desired. Always alternate with gentle effleurage with full hands
- neck & chin: twists, pinching & kneading
- chin & oval lift: kneading, effleurage & kneading-rolling at the point of attachment
- wrinkle furrow with digito, pinching & kneading-rolling
- lip with pinching & friction (the stimulation also plumps the underlying tissue)
- inter brow crease & frontal with effleurage & chisel pinching massage
- eyelid lift with fingertips & pinching to stimulate firming
- eye area with gentle massage to flush out liquids
- seduction wrinkles: make sweet little eights


4: Ritual damaged skin in summer

On sunburn (therefore dehydration), wonderful too!
Or for those who are starting with us, to regain your natural beauty or skin balance, here is an Ayurvedic ritual that requires only two products: chamomile water & jojoba oil
1- clean with jojoba oil
2- rinse
3- hydrate by ablution
4- saturate the skin with oil, help for 10 min the imbibition with a light massage with your fingertips while calming the nerve endings
5- remove the excess dry with a cotton cloth (no paper handkerchief)

Morning & evening for 5 days (restores any skin concerns!)

Then we can then integrate our basic beauty ritual ❤️


5: Repairing & protective care

Since we wear the mask every day, here is a decongestant, revitalizing & repairing treatment while preventing irritation.
1- clean with jojoba oil & rinse
2- soak with soothing gel, chamomile water & jojoba oil (do not rinse)
3- apply the caramel fir butter
4- apply floral water again to adjust skin comfort, then wipe off the excess to regain freshness and optimal protection!


6: Care for redness

Several divine possibilities!

1- cleanse with jojoba oil, rinse
2- imbibitive cleansing with jojoba oil, soothing gel & chamomile water & do not rinse
3 - calendula mousseline mask with 1 drop of peppermint

3- imbibition with chamomile water & hot mask with calendula or caramel fir or vanilla shea

(We can do this treatment for skin with pimples by replacing the gel with the sebo gel and the tamanu mousseline, always with the drop of peppermint; so it can be a weakened skin with pimples)

Another possibility:
1- cleaning with oil & rinse
2- chamomile water (soothing) or rose (decongestant) by ablution
3- dash of Soothing gel and / or 1 drop of Soothing formula
4- neutral anti-aging & tightening serum


7: Care for dry patches

1- clean with cleansing oil & rinse
2- hydrate with rose floral water or Nathalie prefers neroli floral water (elasticizing & soft) & you can combine the myrrh with your water: in the palm of your hand, put 1 drop of essential oil in 1 drop of vegetable glycerin then spray the floral water
3- in the morning, apply calendula mousseline (especially if the skin is dry) and in the evening, the neutral serum (to tone & antiage) or baby oil (and 1 drop of myrrh or chamomile essential oil), very relaxing

Caramel fir butter, vanilla shea butter and calendula mousseline can be used on adults and children!


8: Treatments for pimples

1- surface cleaning with cleansing oil & we rinse
2- floral water (more sanitizing but gentle neroli; rosemary water, very astringent; revitalizing & slightly astringent orange water)
3- if oily skin, sebo gel
If oily dehydrated skin, tamanu mousseline
If dry skin, cleansing oil or tamanu
If combination skin, both depending on the area

To work on pimples and unclog, either:
- imbibition with tamanu & exfopro (1 drop) in the case where the skin is oily, dehydrated and with pimples (tamanu brings suppleness) therefore softer than the following method while being ultra efficient; we massage, we work with the fingertips to feel the head of the pimple soften and we first rinse with water then we apply the cleansing oil in serum or tamanu or jojoba
- exfopur & exfopro (1 drop) locally if oily skin; we work or we let act as a mask and we exfoliate.



9: Tightening anti-aging mask

New finishing mask to perform in the desired result So after cleansing (cleansing oil), then purify (in imbibition mode or with exfopur milk), we hydrate with floral water, massage the wrinkles with serum then, while the absorption routes are all open, as a finishing mask:

- while you heat a nut of vanilla shea; mix a nut of exfopur with 2/3 of this nut of rose floral water, then 15 drops of serum of your choice (rose for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle qualities; rose jasmine for toning and dryness; neutral serum or oil baby for fragile skin or tamanu for oily skin); add 1 drop of peppermint for all skin types and another according to the objectives of our treatment (eg rose otto for wrinkles, rosemary for seborrheic skin with dilated pores; neroli for dry and dehydrated skin; chamomile for skin fragile); then the still hot shea until you get a paste equal to a mask that will stay on the skin

- apply to the entire face and neck and relax for 20 min (for mature skin, it's the maximum effect achieved, if you have fragile skin, between 12-15 min)

- after 5 minutes, we can maximize the tightening or anti-aging effect: to maintain the fascia and lift them upwards, we soak a cheesecloth under the chin and lightly pull it towards the temples; for wrinkles, only an application of warm floral water is made on the wrinkled area using cotton wool (for the eye area, with chamomile water); you can also reactivate the mask before rinsing by re-emulsifying it with floral water (not necessarily hot) and massaging with your fingertips - rinse with water then finish as usual with floral water and the finishing serum or your mousseline. Imagine also this freshness mask after a hot collagen type mask!! Note to enhance the fragrance of your rose serum, add a drop of essential oil in a pipette in the palm of your hand:
For example:

- sandalwood that sweetens like coffee

- fragile skin: chamomile

- more woody: cedar also has a capacity on the wrinkle (because we do not want to cancel the objective of our serum); vetiver too

- mystical connotation: lavender added to rose

- for spots, brightening: myrrh and cardamom (combined with rose: WOW) As a treatment, this mask can be done 3 times a week to fix the effect intensively over time; over 4 to 6 weeks; ideally in the evening because we relax afterwards


10: Care for dry & dehydrated skin

1- surface cleaning (with cleansing oil) which is the emollient (softens) then we rinse
2- cleaning in imbibition (deep therefore accessed all the layers nested one inside the other in the epidermis): we combine gel (radiance or soothing), floral water (rose or neroli or chamomile): take the time to imbibe, visualize the smoothing effect, when the wrinkles disappear it's time to rinse.
3- spray floral water
4- apply a very thin layer of gel - a pinhead because part of the one imbibed before remains
5- then apply the neutral or jasmine rose serum

In winter or according to your needs, we can add protector with a mousseline or a butter


11: Care for large pores

1- cleaning with cleansing oil & we rinse
2- scrub by imbibition with tamanu oil, sebo gel and rosemary water that can be removed dry or rinsed with water
3- spray the rosemary water to get the astringent effect
4- on damp skin, apply a pinhead of sebo gel
5- then always on damp skin - very important not to feel the too rich effect - apply 1 to 3 drops of jojoba oil, cleansing oil, tamanu or your rose serum

1- surface cleaning
2- purifying cleansing with exfopur, tamanu, rosemary water, that we work in scrubing by imbibition then rinse with water
3- ablution of floral water
4- mask: mix sebo gel with tamanu oil & 1 drop of Labrador tea essential oil (ideal for pimples in pure oil) or peppermint (more astringent therefore tightens follicular ostiums) or Dermopur (ideal for pimples but in synergy); apply this mask in a thick layer for the occlusive effect and left for 7 to 10 min while respecting its sensitivity & tolerance threshold
5- dry remove and that's it! We let the skin breathe!

Your skin will love it!

Note that if you want to neutralize the action of an essential oil, you do so by imbibate again, with jojoba oil, then rinsing dry and still imbibate with jojoba oil (which cuts the fire and neutralizes the action) and we remove dry


12: Care for spots

The evening:
- we clean with cleansing oil, we rinse
- we clean by imbibition because often stains are generated due to lack of hydration & we rinse
- prefer chamomile floral water by ablution
- work on the stain or area with Exfopur by applying it in a translucent manner then by keratolytic action, we exfoliate without putting pressure; the action is already there; if it's near the eyes, we feather; then, we rinse with the cleansing oil

- spray the chamomile floral water and for an optimal effect on the reduction of spots: the gold serum which acts on 2 levels, on the basal & horny layers of the epidermisIf it is for the whole face, we can also do microepidermabrasion with Exfopur 3 times a week at the rate of a single application or 3 applications in a row, once a week


13: Care for dark circles & puffiness

For dark circles, in the morning:
- clean with oil, we rinse
- apply Exfopur  as a mask on dark circles, exceeding out a little; we wait 2 minutes (we can dry brush the body and take a shower without wetting your face)
- rinse with water without exfoliation
- we hydrate with chamomile floral water & seal with either gold or rose serum or butter with a drop of Soothing formula (and we can massage the eye socket)

For the puffiness, the morning:
1- clean with oil, rinse
2- we apply on the eyebrow and on the dark circle, the soothing gel mask and we massage to calm for a few minutes; we let
3- we finish by applying the hot shea butter (vanilla karité) which restarts elasticity and continues the action of evacuating liquids
We spray floral water on the rest of the face and we apply the serum