Who we are :

Our skin care products are 100% natural, pure & active, composed of the best ingredients available, ultra-efficient.

There is no beauty care with this quality of ingredients in the world. Everything serves our skin, no filling ingredients. Obviously, no petroleum derivative, no fragrance, no preservative.

Handcrafted, with care and love, locally, vegan & cruelty-free.

Our skincare products are edible, thus demonstrating their benevolent side; we should always be able to eat our cosmetics, our skin is an organ, we nourish it wonderfully and we make sure to keep it free of molecules that would clog its pores. It is then healthy, without gray mist, on the contrary, radiant & resplendent and able to regenerate as it should. Logic.


For your face, to start, choose my basic beauty ritual rose jasmine ($ 149) or, at a lower price, cleansing oil ($ 31.50) and rose floral water ($ 22.50) for a benevolent and more accessible ritual.


-If you have a button problem, here is for you!


-For redness, add this to your beauty ritual


-For extremely dry skin, add a drop of vegetable glycerin which acts like hyaluronic acid


over time, you will appreciate trying our 2 masks Cardamom (tensor & radiance boost) & exfopur (for spots, homemade microdermabrasion, fine lines). With these two new treatments, you will be able to offer yourself a complete spa-style facial at home.


for our damaged hands: caramel fir butter or vanilla shea butter to wear during the day and for the night, we add a drop of vegetable glycerin for a top repair in the morning!


for the body: we have two wonderful exfoliators (Coco sweet greedy or Frutti-Tutti lemon remineralizer), a muslin Soufflé of orange blossoms (the mousseline are our versions of creams but in 100% active, ultra silky and nourishing). We also have 3 body oils. A dry and divine, the other soothing (we can also use it for the massage of our children) and the baby oil, to change or hydrate our toddlers and the most fragile skin.


Find our life-changing deodorants here: sandalwood attacks the bacteria responsible for bad odors in the armpits and feet.


On the pharmacy side (and yes, we work with chemists, biologists, pharmacist; it is not because we are natural that we are not on the check mark, on the contrary, we will exceed in terms of performance what you are looking for in all the spheres concerned. It is not complicated, I always ask for the best of the best: develop & passionately formulate to perfection with the best ingredients available).


We currently have 46 natural health products licensed by Health Canada (several more are pending).


In my homemade "to the rescue" pratical kit, I appreciate:


Yes! our hand gel (antiseptic, natural version, enhanced with essential oils + skin softener), then

the soothing formula to apply to relieve minor daily irritations,

the respiratory formula (a lovely oxygen bath) to spray to relieve cold and cough symptoms.


In addition, I am intoxicated with the therapeutic properties of our collection of essential oils, each certified pure as it is rare to find today. You will see our difference directly (I can boast! I am proud of our quality, having asked for the crème de la crème of the best in the world; thus, we share the same essential oils as the largest houses in the difference that we do not skimp on the quantities used! Our rose - frozen in a vegetable wax so it is pure - comes from the most famous house in Bulgaria; our vetiver, from the distiller of the last 35 years, renowned and unparalleled in Haiti; our cardamom, from a small village dedicated to it in Guatemala; our neroli, from Morocco, as it should be ... We thus source all our raw materials very selectively. The best that exists, the most good quality, for each of them, precious allies!


Household side


Two essentials for our household tasks (you just need to supplement with a dish soap without fragrances and with vinegar):


The purifying formula is my concentrate for cleaning up surfaces, I also dilute it in soapy water for my floors or in my vinegar spray for windows.


The purifier, I spray it on household linen: bath sheets, bed sheets, carpets, inside shoes, sports bags, ... it's my atmospheric sanitizer.


In addition and to delight, we can add the washing formula to mix with soap for a load of washing (chosen without fragrances so as not to cause dermatitis).


Food & essential service


We deliver invigorating green juices and yellow juices (all our juices are also organic) and gourmet salad (12-14 organic vegetables) at home. See our wellness section.


We also have a set of super foods to digest well (Essential fibers to take in the morning and Ami (the friend) at bedtime to help the peristaltic muscle) and to feed on highly digestible and profitable nutrients -base of my philosophy of well-being - The Complet, my green juice powder, top food, source of antioxidants "complete" :) I take it as an aperitif to nourish my body with what it needs to function well or after my training to see my muscle mass benefit like never before: what a great impact based mainly on organic spirulina, a highly assimilable vegetable protein that comes at the top of the formula list and that makes the difference in our muscular results.


We also offer 2 chlorophylls (peppermint and sweet mint) deodorants that make water more interesting, aloe juice (to relieve irritations of the gastrointestinal tract) and a cherry juice to take with our super foods. In a shaker, if you don't have it. I also thought about making a 1 / 2-1 / 2 for those who need cherry juice and aloe juice.


As for high-end make-up (and yes, natural), it is not confusing, we have the best collection in the world, with beneficial ingredients, which give sublime results, equaling or even exceeding what is done in the most chic-traditional. Our make-up is thus used by a very large majority of personalities both on the small screen and at the largest. Here in France and the United States, among others. AND, the feeling on the skin is just as wonderful; we want to wear it until bedtime, we feel so good with it. To try. Especially since we are reformulating our entire range with local ingredients! The current collection is discounted climbing up to 50%: it's time to enjoy it, refuel without hesitation, if you thought you would finally turn to the natural. There is no longer any compromise to be made: we can have the best results in this world ... while preserving our health (for example, we know well that we must not minimize the impact of toxic ingredients on our endocrine system).


Here you will find our sets who can give you great ideas. My favorites: Sorbet for the moment, Natural beauty forever!


Books side


We are now at 6 very beautiful books, I offer you:



Vive la détox gourmande II ($ 28): powerful, to understand and undertake this wonderful life change, it propels us there while simplifying our lives.


Beauty: an encyclopedia, everything is there, of the intestine proper to all spheres of Beauty with the added bonus of 70 recipes (always vegan & gluten-free) to eat to shine.


Précis aromatherapy, precious: a collection of 95 recipes with essential oils.

And don't forget to browse our website: hundreds of articles (also written by doctor, pharmacist, aromatherapist, ... & of course by me) and recipes (always vegan and gluten-free) await you.


Well, there is still a lot to discover with us:


to soothe: our aromatherapy perfumes, Macadam & Chamomile to apply before bedtime (did you know? 10 minutes after their application, essential oils cross the skin barrier to stay benevolent in our blood circulation)

for children: Chilhood memories for their sleep ritual and this macadam massage

for babies:  baby oil for the diaper change and hydrate as needed

for pregnant women, we thought of this beauty ritual without essential oils, accompanied by vanilla shea butter that I used to put on my stomach during my 3 pregnancies

for men: vetiver & rosemary on the face, they also appreciate purifier & the deodorant underarms and feet

for our animals: we have wonderful fragrances for them (we can also spray on our hair! I do, I love Petit Chien, my boyfriend loves Napoleon and we reserve Balou to "refresh" the wool of our Doodle)

to motivate yourself: we offer combinations of essential oils to diffuse

It's still a great start!


Depending on your needs, I would opt for:


the basic beauty ritual (rose jasmine),

my practical kit (11 household products, with my oxygenating cough spray, also with sanitizing hand gel and including our calenda mousseline as a nourishing restorative cream),

I wouldn’t miss out on our life-changing super foods and salad like skin-care.

In any case, all that is good for morale and well-being, certainly, without hesitation.


I am always happy for the people who start with us as much as I am moved to read your testimonies over time and to know that after months, you are more than satisfied.


I promise to always give you the best (looking for the same for me, for my loved ones),


Jacynthe xx