After winter, the skin of our whole body gets dehydrated. I nourish it with a complex mixture of 8 plant-based oils carefully selected by Luc for their softening and nourishing (avocado, macadam, sesame), regenerating (rose, seabuckthorn - healing and repairing), glowing (Abyssinia, shea), toning and emollient (apricot phytosterols and avocado) properties. And nothing else (no fillers, artificial fragrances, preservatives or chemicals), our 100% active formula is made with these oils and these essential oils: neroli, petitgrain, red tangerine and wild orange to create a fresh and invigorating fragrance!

I use it, from my feet to my thighs, and from my arms to the tip of my hair. I find it perfect and so sexy. Our skin absorbs it really well. Unlike conventional cremes that only superficially hydrate the skin, this body oil participates in the reconstruction and maintenance of our skin barrier in order to counter dehydration.

Besides its moisturizing properties, this oil is also very interesting in preventing stretch marks.