Presentation of our serums (whose vegetable base provides sanitizing, draining, emollient, tensing, anti-aging effects ...) in a way never before heard. Based on antioxidants (therefore anti-aging), carotenes (which stimulate and protect collagen) & essential fatty acids (to maintain hydration). 100% natural, 100% active skincare that goes beyond skin benefits:

Note: affirmed by the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine, E. Blackburn, aging of the skin is, among other things, due to daily stress. Our beauty ritual acts as much on the stress of the skin (by soothing it directly) as ours while its pure essential oils, once applied to the skin, cross the skin barrier to stay in our blood circulation and spread their effects. up to our moral & state of being.

Our first generation of serum (which I have used since my first pregnancy to date) is based on 4 more regenerating vegetable oils (we use rosehip and sea buckthorn to repair the skin of burn victims), these vegetable oils can give off a nutty odor when virgin (and obviously, we want to use virgin vegetable oils to benefit from their value and all their nutrients / skin benefits which obviously disappear, just like the smell, if they are refined). You can, on the same vegetable formula, choose your perfume (composed of the essential oils named):

Rose serum: sovereign beautifier & anti-aging, it regenerates, cherishes the skin and makes you want to love. The rose has a unique anti-aging vegetable wax (for wrinkles, spots and sluggishness).

Neroli serum: relaxing the skin, it invites absolute relaxation, provides well-being and awakens our childhood energy, it is also the mother's hug for those who need it. (For sensitivity, dryness and inflammation caused by stress (when small vesicles appear without the skin being seborrheic)).

The ylang-ylang serum: soothing, sun-kissed & sweet at the same time, it warms up and leads us to reverie; sensual, it reveals beauty; friend of the hair, choose it also by small touches to bring shine, force and shine. (For problem skin that metabolizes lipids poorly and congests the sebaceous gland).

Vetiver serum: racy, it inhibits the stress of the skin, powerful care, it allows anchoring and gives strength to certainty. (For thick skin revealing the signs of time: small scars, spots and wrinkles marked by repeated expression).

Listen to your heart, your feelings: breathe them one by one, and if you see a smile appear on your face, you have found yours!

The rosejasmine serum and the neutral serum are on a different vegetable base, rich for all skin types (particularly mature, tired or prone to redness), ideal for dry, dehydrated, dull and sensitive skin, see seborrheic, with anti-aging needs.

The choice of vegetable oils for this serum is conditioned by their penetration coefficients in the skin layers depending on the desired action: some remain on the surface and provide protection against temperature changes & water loss (dehydration), others transport aromatic molecules into the circulation and stimulate cell regeneration, for an anti-aging effect or thanks to their components, some have anti-inflammatory, lightening, elasticizing, firming, nourishing properties, etc.

In the end, this rich vegetable base is soothing, softening, protects and tones the skin, delays the signs of aging and improves the elasticity of the skin while tightening the loose skin texture. 

The neutral version is without essential oils while the rose jasmine enjoys jasmine, beauty secret of oriental women, luxury tonic, mixed with rose with regenerating virtues also tonic of skin tissues and rosemary with restorative virtues. The whole promotes cell renewal and increases the elasticity of the skin.

As for luxury serums:

The myrrh elixir: a set of oils that smooth and also calm nerve endings. It contains sea buckthorn oil as well as the very rich high quality macadamia oil, which gives the serum its thicker texture.

Then, there are added several precious essential oils, including myrrh, white sandalwood, Roman chamomile without forgetting carrot and vitamin E. This blend of essential oils is ideal for sensitive or allergic skin. These are extremely toning, firming and nourishing essential oils.

Gold serum: a true elixir of beauty and a complexion enhancer. Its formula based on kukui and jojoba oils ensures an anti-aging and antioxidant effect for all skin conditions. It improves the quality of skin tissue, stimulates cell regeneration, provides a high source of antioxidants, omega and vitamin E. In addition, its richness in active ingredients and its concentration in 24 carat gold (real goldsmithery that requires knowledge , art & time) and aromatic oils help the skin to regain its well-being and luminosity.

Gold in cosmetics would have been one of Cleopatra's favorite metals to preserve its youth.

Here are the properties that one would attribute to gold on the skin:

♥ Helps stimulate cell growth in the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect.

♥ Helps to repair damage caused by oxidation.

♥ Improves skin elasticity

♥ Lymphatic drainage aid

♥ Helps facilitate the elimination of toxins and waste

♥ Helps revitalize and rejuvenate

♥ Helps reduce the levels of bacteria causing acne on the skin and prevent the formation of new blemishes

♥ Helps improve blood circulation and brings a natural glow to the face

♥ Is renowned for accelerating cell renewal

♥ Helps to slow down the exhaustion of collagen and the breakdown of elastin in order to avoid sagging skin.

♥ Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

♥ Helps to fight harmful free radicals to prevent premature aging of the skin.