Charlotte had a severe and persistent acne problem. She had some consultations and treatments in St-Bruno with Noémie who helped her enormously. With perseverance, assiduity and curiosity about pure and natural products, Charlotte has overcome her acne. For her, it is a continuous work and she is aware that listening to her skin pays off.

This is Charlotte’s ritual

(Morning and evening)

-To remove make-up and clean your face: double cleansing with Jojoba Oil.
-Eau Florale de Néroli sprayed as a toner. Her favorite!
-In the palm of your hand: mix a little Jojoba Oil with a few drops of Dermopur Acne.
-Finally: the Sebo-régulateur gel.

Twice a week, Exfopur cleanses the skin thoroughly.

At the very beginning of her acne treatment, she applied a matcha mask twice a week, as recommended by Noémie.

Charlotte also uses the MJ makeup for its quality of natural ingredients in order to put all the chances on her side to avoid the return of acne.

The first photo was taken in December 2020 and the other in August 2021