Bulk loose organic herbs are available from
the company “Clef des Champs”, found in natural health food stores or at herbal

If you are feeling particularly inspired,
you can even prepare your own teabags using “mulberry” paper, which can easily
be formed into little candy shaped packets or sewed into teabags. For the less
ambitious, simply place these delightful blends into glass jars with a
personalized label and message!

Dosage: 1 Tbsp per 250mL filtered water brought
to a boil and left to infuse/simmer* 10-15 minutes. A most enchanting aroma
will fill the room!

In general the herbs are used in equal
parts except where otherwise specified.

Peace: rosemary, lemon balm, linden

Love: ¼ damiana leaf, ¼ vanilla, ¼ fenugreek leaves, 1/8 rosehip leaves,
1/8 gingko

Calm: licorice, chamomile, catnip, white willow

Vitality: 1/8 sarsaparilla, ¼ parsley, 1/8 dandelion, ¼ lemon blam, 1/8
ashwaganda, 1/8 ginseng

calendula, red clover, rosehip, white willow,

1/8 yarrow, 1/8 milk thistle, ¼ peppermint, 3 rose
buds, ¼ ginger, 1/8 elderflowers

Clarity: ashwaganda, sage, gotu kola, peppermint

lavender, dandelion, nettle

Health: 1/8 marshmallow, 1/8 astragalus, 1/8 burdock, 1/8 elder berry, 1/8
raspberry leaf, 1/8 bayberry leaf, ¼ eucalyptus.

Here are two recipes for Digestive Health, to be drunk after

  • cinnamon, star anise, fennel,
  • raspberry leaf, licorice,

Joy: flowering oat, lavender, lemon balm, ginseng

¼ rooibos, ¼ peppermint, ¼ licorice, ¼ nettle, 1/8
lemongrass (or orange)

¼ raspberry leaf, ¼ lavender, 1/8 flowering
oat, 1/8 damiana leaf, 1/8 vanilla, 3 rose buds

¼ ginseng, 1.4 gingko ¼ ginger, 1/16
salsaparilla, 1/16 horsetail, 1/16 plantain, 1/16 damiana leaf

*With regards to preparing medicinal
plants, Geneviève Maillé offers the following advice: When you are using leaves
(catnip, nettle, white willow, mint, chamomile etc..) it is best not to simmer
them as this will damage their active components. It is better to infuse them
for 15 minutes in hot water, make sure to keep them covered in order to
preserve their natural essential oils. Contrarily, roots and seeds (licorice,
marshmallow, star anis, fenugreek seeds, ginger etc.) are most effective when
left to actively boil as the water and heat agitation will stimulate the release
of their beneficial properties.