Nothing is better than a healthy environment where natural & active cleaning formulas clean the house while pleasing our senses. With our wonderful apothecary formulas we vaporize to completely transform our condition & personal space using pure essential oils disseminated to motivate or calm our whole being, imagine! I’m telling you here!

Essential: hand soaps

And Sapin Caramel butter (if eczema or dermatitis, Eczema Karité-Vanillé shea butter Formula)


Two must-haves for our household tasks (you just need to complete with vinegar and a dishwashing soap without fragrances):

-The Purifiante formula is my concentrate to sanitize the surfaces, I also dilute it in soap water for my floors or in my  vinegar vaporizator for the windows.
-The Purificateur, I spray it on the household linen: bath sheets, bed sheets, carpets, interior shoes, sports bags... it is my atmospheric sanitizer.

In addition and to delight, we can add:

-The Lavage formula to mix with your laundry detergent (chosen without fragrances so as not to cause dermatitis).
-The soap Mon Détachant. Happiness to remove the avocado stains on a white top, cocoa on the t-shirt or clay on the beige pants and if you don’t have laundry soap, you can grate it.


In diffusion, our synergies of essential oils have everything to please!

-The Respiratoire formula (a delightful oxygen bath) to spray to relieve cold and cough symptoms, powerful!
-The Respire bien formula, for the whole family (I spray it over us for a soothing and decongestant oxygen bath before diving into a deep sleep).
-The "Protecteur" spray formula that helps us relieve colds and coughs. Also available as honey to eat!

And for our animals: we have wonderful fragrances for them: Bleu Provence, Napoléon and Balou to "refresh" their coat.