I cannot help but to repeat what I hear in our beauty workshops (which you can follow via my Instagram account @jacyntherene). At the heart of all this abundance of happiness, we talk about my personal beauty ritual that literally changes our skin, but also our wellbeing and even our life (Or so I am told)!

If you're tired of traditional products and want to dive into the 100% natural and active products, I sincerely believe that our products are unbeatable, filled with the most popular and effective plant molecules in order to protect and stimulate collagen.

My own beauty ritual takes only 2 minutes (and I do it while holding my baby too), only 3 products good for morning and evening routines (for $132.85 delivered to your home, free shipping and often, delivered under 48 hours). Cleanses, removes makeup, stimulates collagen, deeply moisturizes, strengthens our skin, protects and nourishes it properly (by bringing vitamins & essential fatty acids): Apply the cleansing oil, rinse with a washcloth, spray the floral water and while the skin is still demp, apply the serum (of your choice, the rose being the queen, the Neroli a stimulant, ylang ylang is invigorating, Vetiver for men because I love its perfume on my boyfriend).

And that's all! Nothing else is needed.

You will be pleased by the fact that your skin will regain its integrity, and will love the sensation every morning and evening. Taking care of ourselves, in a simple fashion, wrapped in all these wonderful natural aromas (it smells so good in here).

We're also offering DIY facials. Each kit includes our cleansing oil, the Exfopro formula (an oxygen bath that gets rid of dead skin cells), the Dermopur formula (calms and soothes our skin while stimulating blood circulation - created  to reduce redness and heal scars), our shea butter (my must-have that you can turn into a collagen masque, baby loves to eat it too).  You could also use our honey masque. Be sure that we have the utmost respect for our bees. You will see the difference on your skin immediately after using it: it plumps the skin and tightens the pores. 

Jacynthe xx