Raw cane sugar (sucanat) or coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey

Liquid Aminos (replaces commercial soy sauce). There are also varieties that are soy-free on the market.

Tamari sauce also good to have, although it does not replace soy sauce, it is often used in a natural diet.

Green molasses, more nutritious and richer in iron (it replaces the regular molasses)

When it comes to seaweed, I use geomon seaweed flakes (dulse), which I like to sprinkle everywhere: salad, soups, soups etc.

Natural walnut butters: almonds, hazelnuts etc.

Coconut oil and coconut butter (both are used differently)

Oils that are cold pressed instead of commercial oils

Various varieties of whole cereals and their flours and/or flakes: millet, buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice etc. Personally, I take buckwheat and quinoa.

The same applies to the various varieties of legumes: brown lentils, adzukis beans, pinto etc.

Seeds and nuts: Pumpkin, sunflower, chia, flax and nuts of your choice.

Replace commercial baking powder with baking powder without alum because the commercial baking powder contains aluminum ... and we do not want it!

And for essences like vanilla, almonds, we should choose the ones that are natural, free from propylene glycol and artificial flavors.

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