To reduce mucus, try gargling with:

  • Lemon
  • Turmeric 

You can also drink hot filtered water with fresh lemon juice or mint tea throughout the day.

Try eliminating dairy products, soya products and oranges from your mornings and diet as they tend to be congesting and increase mucus production.


  • Goldenseal
  • Slippery Elm
  • Plantain

Is your tongue covered with a white coating?

Is your breath sore in the morning?

Are there times when the mucus is worse throughout the day? Before or after meals?

Do you have a good water filtration system at home and at work?

As you can see, there are many potential “causes” for excess mucus and so if these little tips don’t help you, please feel free to contact me for further assistance. In order to give more personalized advice, I will need more information.

As with many bodily symptoms, they are merely evidence of a deeper organic imbalance.