Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Taking care of our legs while working on the appearance of cellulite in a gourmand and intoxicating spa scent universe can be so pleasant!

Depending on age and how long cellulite has been present, there are different ways to use our formulas to reduce its appearance.  For cellulite that has been present for a longer period, several steps will be interesting to work on all the layers, from the surface to the deepest. To do so, complementary formulas and accessories are available to us: the Drainante, the Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid, the Ayurvedic Serum, the Gua Sha stone and the Body brush.


Which formula to start with

For visible cellulite, where the adipocytes ("grape cluster") are apparent, Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid is an interesting formula to start with.

For cellulite that is not very apparent, but where we can feel small clusters, while the skin is harder and more painful when we gently pinch it between our fingers, it would be interesting to start by lingering on this first layer with the Drainante, for a number of days that can be variable for each one, until it gives way to a deeper layer, which we will then work on with the Spicy Cocoa & Coffee Fluid.


Before you begin

A treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite will be more effective on clean skin, which has been cleansed of dead cells with a body brush. The oils penetrate better this way!

Our two specific and complementary formulas to reduce the appearance of cellulite: La Drainante and the Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid.


The Drainante

The Drainante, with its wonderful spa-like scent, is our formula for reducing the appearance of cellulite, working on the surface and taking care of the first layer of cellulite to get to the second. The Drainante will "clear" the space.  The cellulite could thus become, for some, more visible. It could "show itself on the surface".  However, don't worry and know that this is normal. It's not a sign that it's gotten worse, on the contrary! When the fat cells become apparent, it is time to use the Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid. 

It is also possible to work on all layers of cellulite with the Drainante, and many women have reported great results using only this formula.  However, the results may take a little longer to obtain than with its complementary formula, the Spicy Chocolate & Coffee Fluid.

How to apply the Drainante: 

From the foot to the hip, working your way up with good pressure and back down with very little, if any, pressure. Repeat this movement several times.


Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid

The Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid, the exquisite of the exquisite, with warm, sweet and spicy notes, works more deeply.  It warms and smoothes the skin.  This active formula stimulates the skin's functions.  It is a very complete product that also allows the skin to recover its elasticity and tone.

How to apply the Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid:

By applying the Fluid to the area where there is cellulite and massaging with energy.  Then with the Gua Sha, "scrape" the fat cells, always with upward movements. If we do not have the Gua Sha, no worries; use the hands, work with the fists.  Please note that we must respect ourselves and that it is important to listen to our sensitivity threshold, not to create bruises.

The Spicy Choco & Coffee Fluid is also very pleasant to use even if we do not have cellulite, simply for the pleasure of the senses and for the appearance of the skin!


Ayurvedic Serum

This serum will also influence the appearance of cellulite. It will also work for a long time since the oils that compose it stay longer. It envelops and gives off a nice warmth to our skin. It also does wonders for the appearance of the skin!

How to apply the Ayurvedic Serum:

Apply to the legs, massaging upwards and all over the body as well.


How often should I use these formulas?

They can be used morning and night as part of a treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite more intensively, adapting them according to the skin's sensitivity. If the skin tolerates it, an interesting way to use them could be to use them 5 days a week, morning and/or evening, followed by a 2-day break before starting again.

Several possibilities are also available depending on our needs, desires and sensitivity.  It is possible to use one formula in the morning and another in the evening; 10 days of one, followed by 10 days of the other... The important thing to remember is not to use two different formulas one after the other, at the same time; this would be too active and could send the skin too many messages at the same time.

Should we apply a mousseline after?

Although we can, it is not necessary since these are formulas that will allow the skin to keep its hydration.

Do we apply them right after the shower (or bath)?

We must adapt according to our sensitivity, our receptivity.  It can be very interesting to do a test in the fold of the elbow or under the fold of the knee to verify what suits us. 


* If you have a medical condition, we invite you to check with your health professional to see if these products are suitable for you and if you can use them.